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Peter Boghossian: Culture War II unites Christians and atheists


Peter Boghossian is the Portland U prof who decided to call out the flatulence standing in for thought that dominates social sciences today by perpetrating, with colleagues, a number of Sokal hoaxes (intentionally nonsensical papers that get published in dying disciplines).

The vengeful response appears to have got him thinking some. He thinks Culture War 2.0 began roughly 2015:

In Culture War 1.0, the correspondence theory of truth was a given on all sides. In 2014, even as Culture War 1.0 was ending, Bill Nye “the Science Guy” debated Ken Ham from “Answers in Genesis” over the age of the Earth, with Nye arguing the evidence demonstrated Earth was considerably older than Ham claimed. Despite their differences, both believed there was a truth “out there” and that we could know it through science, reason, and, in Ham’s case, faith and Scripture. And, as was common in Culture War 1.0, Nye and Ham also agreed on the rules of engagement—structured debate, which they entered with respect for the process. In Culture War 2.0 the correspondence theory of truth—with its commitment to the idea that there are better and worse ways to come to knowledge about an objectively knowable world—is no longer common ground. For those on one side of this latest fight, the correspondence theory of truth has been replaced with more subjective ways of knowing. But this is not merely a turn away from objectivity to subjectivity. Culture War 2.0 is marked by one side’s turn toward understanding knowledge as determined by identity markers like race, gender, disability status, and sexual orientation. And—so the theory goes—the more “oppression variables” comprise one’s identity, the clearer one’s understanding of reality becomes…

In Culture War 2.0, correspondence theories of truth aren’t just dead: truth itself is inaccessible to people who do not possess the right identity characteristics.

Peter Boghossian, “Welcome to Culture War 2.0: The Great Realignment” at American Mind

Milkshakes are thrown, then punches… Because speech is violence, you see, violence is speech.

Boghossian goes on to say that Culture War 2.0 unites liberal atheists and conservative Christians against the intersectionals (known around here as the raging Woke).

Actually, though, there are no atheists in foxholes. Never mind. He’ll find out.

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