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Interview with Berlinski on “Human Nature”

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In a couple of prior posts, here and here, we mentioned David Berlinksi’s new book Human NatureHere’s a podcast of Berlinksi being interviewed by Jonathan Witt, regarding the book.   

On this episode of ID the Future, philosopher, mathematician, and Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Berlinski answers questions from Jonathan Witt about Berlinski’s celebrated new book Human Nature. Is evolution carrying us upward to new heights of human goodness, as some have claimed? If not that, then will a computer-connected singularity take us on that upward trajectory, as Yuval Noah Harari argues in Homo Deus? With his famous quick wit, Berlinski says no, and warns of a new “explosion of religion,” but a new religion, one without rational grounding and with a great willingness to punish dissenters.

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