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Philosopher: A multiverse underlies the ultimate vision of technocrats


That’s what George Gilder says. And he thinks it won’t work:

Seriously, the Google people do not believe that there will be life after Google. Their vision of AI usurping human minds really represents what I call an eschaton, a final thing, almost like an eschatological vision.

They believe that AI will achieve what my friend Ray Kurzweil calls the Singularity when it will attain capabilities far beyond human minds and thus be able to reproduce itself. And project itself into the universe and seed the universe with a cascade of ever more intelligent machines, thus kind of propagating human life throughout the universe.

And since many of the people at Google — most of them probably — believe in multiple parallel universes (which is a preposterous view), these AI machines will multiply on. Larry Page and Sergei Brin and Ray Kurzweil and all these Singularitarians can fly off to a nearby planet with Elon Musk, leaving the rest of us back on the beach in the United States collecting guaranteed annual income. More.

If that is what they believe, Google’s business activity is surely worth a glance. The other day, senior research scientist Jack Poulson revealed that he had quit Google over its involvement with totalitarian AI censorship in China. More.

Google is really only doomed in this universe. In an infinite array of other universes, mass totalitarian surveillance proves to be a big success.

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