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Please Visit Larry Fafarman’s New Blog

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Larry Fafarman makes many excellent points and was banned at Panda’s Thumb for making them too often. He and I are fellow outcasts. I invited him to become an author here but he turned me down because he’s strongly against comment moderation and I’m just as strongly in favor of not allowing trolls to ruin the commenting environment for everyone.

Anyhow, you can find the things I was hoping he’d write about for us at his new blog


and I invite you all to give it a look.

Yes, Doug. I think that a lot of pent-up anger is being released now. I too hope that it will settle down soon. Larry Fafarman
It's just a hiccup. It will settle down soon. People will get tired of that and Larry could make new posts and real discussion can take place. I have high hopes. Doug
The lack of comment moderation results in a cesspool of foul language, insults, and ego-based back and forth noise which drowns out any possibility of discussion. Too bad. Perhaps Larry will eventually reconsider his extreme "lefty" moderation policy, and a happy medium could be achieved. (?) tinabrewer
Well, we will see. I think his co-evolutionary thread is interesting and he certainly has done his homework but, I noticed that the first comment was from BWE, a noted crank who sometimes posts at PT. ( http://brainwashedgod.blogspot.com ) That doesn't seem to hold out much promise for the other commenters. He needs support from other pro-ID folks who really do understand the science to help him debate the PT stooges who will undoubtably flood him with insults and circular logic. The Dover case is being debated between Larry and w.kevin vicklund. That is turning out to be what I would fear; a flurry of posts by PT regulars. I am preparing a lengthy post right now but I would encourage others to go and help Larry out. Doug
His blog needs a little more control on posting than none. jaredl

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