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Possibly oldest European rock art to date found in France

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From Megan Gannon at LiveScience:

Scrawled with the image of an aurochs (an extinct species of cattle) and dozens of small dots, the slab was created by the Aurignacians, the first Homo sapiens to arrive in Europe. Radiocarbon tests showed that the engraving dates back to about 38,000 years ago, according to a Jan. 24 report in the journal Quaternary International.

The discovery of the slab fits into the patterns researchers usually see in the earliest European art: There are broad shared features, with some regional quirks that stand out, White said in a statement.

“This pattern fits well with social geography models that see art and personal ornamentation as markers of social identity at regional, group and individual levels,” White said. More.

It’s unclear what Dr. (Randall) White’s last statement means. That is, one would be curious to know what sort of art would not be “markers of social identity at regional, group and individual levels.” But never mind, just keep those discoveries coming.

Paper. (paywall)

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Note: Still older art may be found in Indonesia.

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