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Progress in legacy media? – but why does it MATTER?

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Radio host and fellow UD blogger Barry Arrington notes that there may be progress in legacy media understanding of the intelligent design controversy.

Maybe, but an argument can be made for the fact that the slowness to “get” the possibility that Darwin could be wrong is part of a general trend toward decline, in favor of the blogosphere and other newer media. I cannot imagine advising anyone to learn about the intelligent design controversy by reading dead tree media or zoning out in front of whatever the idiot box normally offers on the subject. That would be like hiring a stupid person to observe and explain a complex situation.

I would rather say go to the blogs of both sides, listen critically, and observe. It’s the only way right now. I expect it is the only way for most controversies right now.

Of course you will get into big trouble if your judgement is no good - but is your judgement really worse than Dan Rather’s? How is that even possible?

Oh, and here’s something else I wrote on why new ideas must now make it in the blogosphere - and therefore the dead trees don’t really matter.

Just think how insensitive it is, how bad for the children it is and how bad for the enviromnent it is to support those that make trees DEAD for PROFIT!! The New York Times is a bad, bad organization. It is very, very bad!! It kills trees. It is destorying the world for MONEY!!!! Wait until Al Gore takes them on!! He'll show them!! tribune7
Speaking of dead trees. Here is an interesting thing in today's NY Times. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/07/17/science/17book.html The article titled "Islamic Creationist and a Book Sent Round the World" reports on how someone from Turkey spent several million dollars to promulgate a muslim view of evolution here in the US. Every important biology professor in the country got one. So we have to see what these dead trees contain. jerry

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