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Protein Translation

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Two Protein Translation Animations

I'm not sure if this have been posted here, but here it goes anyway. Personally i think this is pretty cool too. (binding and penetration steps of a phage infection): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh4C-qmfuro MaxAug
"You know, after seeing all these animations, if the “designer” turns out to be ET as some have suggested, and they had this type of technology billions of years ago, what the heck would they have now?? I think aliens as “designer” isn’t looking too hot right now." I for one welcome out new alien overlords ;) Jason Rennie
It occurs to me to note that it is amazing that there exists essentially a general purpose computer inside the cell like the ribosome. You feed in any program you like and you get output in the form of a folded protein. This is just mind boggling that such a general purpose device could "evolve" through trial and error. Has anybody even tried to explain such a thing ? This would seem to be yet another IC component inside the cell. Especially given the problems you'll get if the things is screwed up. Humans are even starting to build machines to do the same sort of thing. You give it a CAD diagram and it fabricates a mold from that. Seems similar although this is doing something much harder. Jason Rennie
Another one to watch Dave: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iNE5nu6D0I&mode=related&search= Robo
When are the Darwin dudes going to give up and admit that trying to explain the origin of processes like this with Darwinian mechanisms is not only futile, but just plain silly? And they think that education is going to promote and enhance acceptance of the "theory"? Indoctrination maybe, but definitely not education. Education is their worst enemy, which is why legitimate questions and challenges must be suppressed through lawsuits, intimidation, and threats. This approach won't work forever. GilDodgen
You know, after seeing all these animations, if the "designer" turns out to be ET as some have suggested, and they had this type of technology billions of years ago, what the heck would they have now?? I think aliens as "designer" isn't looking too hot right now. shaner74
Via second video, paraphrasing... Ribosomes make any kind of protein depending upon "genetic message" you feed on the RNA. "hemoglobin, the cells in our bone marrow churn out 100 trillion molecules per second. As a result, our muscles, brain and all the vital organs in our body receive the oxygen they need." One Hundred Trillion... now imagine a single point mutation that screws this up, what would happen to you, to me, to any life form? Now imagine a sudden leap of more than one single point mutation? Not able to explain evolution by gradual mechanisms, evolutionist now want you to believe in great leaps all at one time under stress. Ohhhh yeah, we already know what happens. Disease and death. Yet, evolutionist want you to believe this all happened by accidental random mutations guided by natural selection. What's that? They admit its not random anymore? They have a different answer now? Evo Devo? Really, so the external environment now works with the internal to create hemoglobin? Well, there's no doubt that external forces impact this manufacturing process, but how does that equate to creation of sequential information that must align itself in order of genetic messages exactly for you and I to breathe? A manufacturing process that creates cells at over 100 trillion times per second? What a complete farce materialist-only evolution is these days. The more information that gets out about the bio-informatics manufacturing processes within us, the more evolutionist look like a small car with a bunch of clowns jumping out one by one. It is never-ending buffoonery of PZ Meyers, Dawkins, Moran and the entire Panda crew. What manufacturing process by humans can turn out complex functional processors, that are self-replicating, that generate oxygen flow and that are programmably scripted to disintegrate with age? And it does this 100 Trillion times per second??? Jack, says its all about "metaphors." And that the Darwin TOL falling is no big deal. Got some more metaphors for me brother? Materialist-only evolution today is like the snake-oil medicine shows of bygone years, when snake-oil salesmen would pull up and announce their miracle cures for grandpa and grandma's numerous maladies. Mmmhmm... suddenly old memories come to me about one day when the strongest flea in the world came to our little town. I can hear the circus music playing now... Step right up folks and see the mighty Evolving Flea! This flea is stronger than any man by 10,000 times its weight folks! Yes, that's right, just by taking this "evolving snake-oil" my tiny friend can now lift over 100lbs! The music builds as the snake-oil salemans barks loudly to the audience, making up more just-so stories and lovely "metaphors" for the audience. First, he shows a flea without taking the snake-oil and he gets someone from the audience to verify it is in fact, a flea. He then puts the flea on a sturdy table and drops a 100lb weight on it. Nothing happens. Oh Lordy, the flea is dead. Now folks, this is a lesson. When you have the medicine of "evolutionary snake-oil" I'm a gonna give you for a one time, small introductory price - you won't end up like this here dead little feller. I'll toss in an ample supply of Aunt Juniper's recipe of PruneSassafrass to help the Natural Health Selection of flow within the body as well! By golly, how can one resist? Evolving Snake-Oil and PruneSassafrass Natural Health Selection? So, he pours out the evolutionary snake-oil onto the new flea. This little flea he's been reproducing from other fleas that have been drinking the magic tonic for 150 years. Music builds louder, and Mr Snake-oil lifts the little evolved flea on to the table. He ask another audience member to verify the flea is there. Why yes! And this flea looks really strong! Having ascertained that this is the strongest flea yet seen in the world. Now comes the test. Suddenly, with the loudest thumping sound - WHAM! All 100lbs drops onto the little evolved flea... the audience gasp! Oh my! Is this flea dead to? There's no way that flea can survive - even if it evolved to be so strong! But wait, wait... wait, someone in the audience see's some movement, there, there, it moved! Suddenly the 100lb weight is flung toward the audience with great speed! Almost landing in the front row! But it just misses them! Breathlesly, in chaotic motion they're all rapt with attention back up on stage as Mr. SnakeOil yells loudly - He lives! He lives! Mr. Snake-oil calls up again the "neutral" audience member and ask, ok Baghdad Bob, uh, Bob, tell me, do you see a flea on the table? Bob looks and well, whadda ya know? There is a flea! It is alive and moving! Bob, is that the same flea you saw before we dropped 100lbs on the flea? The audience marvels and swoons, the Barker calls and sells, step right up folks - you to can evolve - just like this flea! No more pain and you can gain! Just drink this lovely scientific marvel and you too will evolve to one day be as strong as this flea! You'll be evolving 100 trillion times per second before you know it if only you drink the magic elixir like this flea. And your children will grow as stong and tal as California Redwoods. Circus music drones on in the background ever more silently as we leave our newly convinced evolutionist... All you have to do is imagine it.... 1) BioInformatics: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioinformatics 2) Snake Oil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicine_show One involves computational analysis, higher mathematics, study of algorithmic and statistical processes. The name - Bio-Informatic - another simple metaphor(?) - that derails immediately any thought of accidental being-ness. Anything employing algorithmic process is noted for contingency, choice and full of CSI, and defined simply by FSC. No one as yet has challenged successfully the Four Null Hypotheses to prove otherwise. Two involves faith, deception, and the need to not allow any serious questions that might shine light on circus show, the false assumptions and the tricks beneath the table that flips the 100lb weight. No flea can lift 100lbs and no human can design a process that produces a funtional device that is self replicating 100 trillion times per second. But it is always nice to say to your audience, given enough time and imagination, anything can happen. And finally on that last note we may agree in part. Yes, given enough time and intelligent imagination, one can design new technology that one day will possibly match this wonder in our body. But it will not happen by accident. It will happen with forethought, study, applied physics, chemistry, math and repeated failures of an intelligent mind that learns from mistakes. Michaels7

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