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Proteins Did Not Evolve Even According to the Evolutionist’s Own Calculations but so What, Evolution is a Fact


Evolutionists say they just don’t know how to discern miracles. They might begin by looking at a protein. Proteins, according to science, are not likely to have evolved. And when I say “not likely,” I mean the chances are astronomically against such evolution. I may as well simply say: Proteins, according to science, did not evolve. To review, very briefly, here are some of the reasons:  Read more

Probability isn't going to help here. there are over 100 amino acids, but only 20 are needed for life’s proteins. Moreover, they come in two shapes: Some of the molecules are “right-handed” and others are “left-handed.” Should they be formed at random, as in a theoretical organic soup, it is most likely that half would be right-handed and half left-handed. And there is no known reason why either shape should be preferred in living things. Yet, of the 20 amino acids used in producing life’s proteins, all are left-handed! 16 How is it that, at random, only the specifically required kinds would be united in the 'primordial' soup? What chance is there that the correct amino acids would come together to form a protein molecule? It could be likened to having a big, thoroughly mixed pile containing equal numbers of red beans and white beans. There are also over 100 different varieties of beans. Now, if you plunged a scoop into this pile, what do you think you would get? To get the beans that represent the basic components of a protein, you would have to scoop up only red ones—no white ones at all! Also, your scoop must contain only 20 varieties of the red beans, and each one must be in a specific, preassigned place in the scoop. In the world of protein, a single mistake in any one of these requirements would cause the protein that is produced to fail to function properly. Would any amount of stirring and scooping in our hypothetical bean pile have given the right combination? No. Then how would it have been possible in the hypothetical organic soup? 18 The proteins needed for life have very complex molecules. What is the chance of even a simple protein molecule forming at random in an organic soup? Evolutionists acknowledge it to be only one in 10^113 (1 followed by 113 zeros). But any event that has one chance in just 10^50 is dismissed by mathematicians as never happening. An idea of the odds, or probability, involved is seen in the fact that the number 10^113 is larger than the estimated total number of all the atoms in the universe! Barb
Indeed Dr. Hunter, with such crushing evidence wrought by their very own experiments, and such pitiful excuses, it clearly never was about the science in the first place.,,, ,,,One would think that since they are in fact, semi-directly, working on the question of whether we were created by God or not, they would be much more careful to the truth of the matter,,,, of being honest and forthright to the fact that functional proteins are, for all intents and purposes of known science, 'miracles'! ,,Myself, I certainly would not want to be the one to have to face Almighty God, who created and sustains this universe, and give reason for such rampant denialism of His handiwork in life in the face of such clear evidence. No Sir, that is definitely not something I envy!!! =============== Aaron Shust - Matchless http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XW9NJiSXHmE bornagain77

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