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Psychologists: Consciousness is an illusion, like a rainbow


From David Oakley and Peter Halligan at The Conversation:

If the experience of consciousness does not confer any particular advantage, it’s not clear what its purpose is. But as a passive accompaniment to non-conscious processes, we don’t think that the phenomenon of personal awareness has a purpose, in much the same way that rainbows do not. Rainbows simply result from the reflection, refraction and dispersion of sunlight through water droplets – none of which serves any particular purpose.

Our conclusions also raise questions about the notions of free will and personal responsibility. If our personal awareness does not control the contents of the personal narrative which reflects our thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and decisions, then perhaps we should not be held responsible for them.

In response to this, we argue that free will and personal responsibility are notions that have been constructed by society. As such, they are built into the way we see and understand ourselves as individuals, and as a species. Because of this, they are represented within the non-conscious processes that create our personal narratives, and in the way we communicate those narratives to others.

Just because consciousness has been placed in the passenger seat, does not mean we need to dispense with important everyday notions such as free will and personal responsibility. In fact, they are embedded in the workings of our non-conscious brain systems. They have a powerful purpose in society and have a deep impact on the way we understand ourselves.More.

Stripped of academic politeness, Oakley and Halligan are saying that, in their view, consciousness is a beautiful evolved illusion. Though they don’t quite say it, consciousness is fair game for manipulation by power-hungry technocrats’ “important everyday notions.” Let’s see if this theme grows: Evolutionary biologist: Humans evolved to need coercion.

Note: Acquiring the authority to try to manipulate consciousness would largely relieve technocrats of any imputed fault for not understanding it. And everyone has noticed that they don’t.

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Can science survive long in a post-modern world? It’s not clear.

... it’s not clear what its purpose is.
'not clear' to what? Origenes
Illusion of what?
Experienced by what? EvilSnack
Illusion of what? mike1962
Dionisio, it is easy to be unfair to psychology but there is real science to a lot of it. The design of machinery, product labeling, signs, instrument panels and even GUI stem from effective psychological research based on observation, theorization and experimentation. News is right.All science has devolved in the last few decades due to the cultural denial of objective truth and the stigma attached to honest debate when it violates arbitrary political protocols. tribune7
tribune7 and dionisio, science has come a long way in the last few decades; sadly, not in the right direction. It is poised over the maw of post-modernism. News
tribune7, Have they ever practiced it? Does psychology have anything to do with science? Dionisio
These people have stopped practicing science. tribune7

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