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“Public Schools Need Open Debate on Intelligent Design”

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Thank you Joelle Parks:

Another critic of the bill [i.e., the Wisconin bill banning ID], Gary McCaleb, a senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, said in an interview that his firm would thoroughly investigate the legislation. “Mandating a point of view and trying to enshrine your current science in law is, to me, just scientists begging for disaster,” Mr. McCaleb began, “It’s very problematic to have scientists trying to shut down the debate.”


And then tell us what specific religious text ID is based on. Scott
Thanks to a very good "Dr." I just had a revelation- Intelligent Design is today's "Green Eggs and Ham". People don't like it because they won't even try it. Here is the ID three-hour challenge: Watch two videos- The Privileged Planet and Unlocking the Mystery of Life, and then, if you can, tell us why ID is not based on observation and scientific research, but is based on religious doctrines and faith. Joseph
Hey the newspaper is posting my comments! (see Joe Gallien) It is amazing that most people don't even have the slighest concept as to what ID is. And even more amazing that it is these people who are the most vocal when speaking out against it. Someday these people will realize that education cures ignorance... Joseph
Someday the ID critics will apply the standards equally. That is they will ask of the theory of evolution what they ask of Intelligent Design. Joseph

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