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Pumping the multiverse from dark matter


Well, from a novelist’s perspective, it sounds logical but from a science perspective, if you must invoke the “multiverse,” you are in trouble:

In their paper, the team described a novel scenario for PBH formation and showed that the black holes from the “multiverse” scenario can be found using the Hyper Suprime-Cam (HSC) of the 8.2m Subaru Telescope, a gigantic digital camera — the management of which Kavli IPMU has played a crucial role — near the 4,200 meter summit of Mt. Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Their work is an exciting extension of the HSC search of PBH that Masahiro Takada, a Principal Investigator at the Kavli IPMU, and his team are pursuing. The HSC team has recently reported leading constraints on the existence of PBHs in Niikura, Takada et. al. (Nature Astronomy 3, 524-534 (2019))

Why was the HSC indispensable in this research? The HSC has a unique capability to image the entire Andromeda galaxy every few minutes. If a black hole passes through the line of sight to one of the stars, the black hole’s gravity bends the light rays and makes the star appear brighter than before for a short period of time. The duration of the star’s brightening tells the astronomers the mass of the black hole. With HSC observations, one can simultaneously observe one hundred million stars, casting a wide net for primordial black holes that may be crossing one of the lines of sight.

The first HSC observations have already reported a very intriguing candidate event consistent with a PBH from the “multiverse,” with a black hole mass comparable to the mass of the Moon. Encouraged by this first sign, and guided by the new theoretical understanding, the team is conducting a new round of observations to extend the search and to provide a definitive test of whether PBHs from the multiverse scenario can account for all dark matter.

Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, “Primordial black holes and the search for dark matter from the multiverse” at ScienceDaily

And this is all about a trivial question like dark matter?

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This actually seems pretty old And they’ve been looking for stuff like dark flow for many years and these types of black holes of always been the candidates They always follow their connect the dots interpretations of how they believe it works and they always find a pattern that always falls through And again if dark flow and dark matter from multi-verse is pumping through our universe there is absolutely zero reason why other universes don’t collide were intersect with our own I am 100% certain more than just dark matter would be flowing through these vents If the multi-verse was interconnected like that AaronS1978

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