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Reason Ralliers: If you have to contrast yourself with Westboro Baptist Church in order to sound reasonable …

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… you’re not reasonable.

That’s like contrasting yourself with grand inquisitor Torquemada to prove you support civil rights.

In “This Saturday on the National Mall in Washington, It’s the Unreasonable Rally” (Evolution News & Views, March 20, 2012), Jonathan M. comments,

Since the Reason Rally takes so much pride in exercising reason, we might expect that they would welcome respectful dialogue and conversation with people of viewpoints differing from their own. Not so. This became clear with the launch of “True Reason,” a Christian response to the Reason Rally (this group also produced a book responding to the event).

What makes this so ironic is that the [widely denounced hate group] Westboro Baptist Church were specially invited to the Reason Rally — presumably for purposes of contrast between the atheists (who wish to portray themselves as beacons of reason) and religious fanatics.

And if the Reason Ralliers set the bar any lower, ignoring the “Call Before You Dig” warnings, they’ll hit the dam gas main.

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Shining examples of intolerance and dogmatism. This is actually less of a rally against the "unreasonable" religious population than it is a huddle around the glowing embers of something that used to glow alot brighter. Secularism is on the rise, but spirituality in general is shooting skywards. Would not be a bad thing if they met half way. ThoughtSpark

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