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Remembering Mae-Wan Ho: Why does she sound so much like a classical biologist?

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A friend writes to urge that we have a look at the last book Wan-Ho wrote before she died:

Meaning of Life and the Universe

And added, “At the end of her life she seemed most fascinated by water, reflected in her science and art. She was inspired by the work of Emilio del Guidice::

See also: Mae Wan-Ho on electrons and consciousness

"Suzan Mazur: Do you have a definition for life? Mae-Wan Ho: I would define it as a quantum coherent system. It is a circular thermodynamic system that can reproduce. So... all life is is a quantum coherent arrangement (or precise quantum state) of particles that can reproduce. In other words, the INFORMATION is what makes the quantum state of the particles coherent or alive... Can anybody take a guess how much information is required for the quantum state of the particles to make up a human? What are the odds for random processes to originate a quantum state of the first replicating molecule? Here is the question for the Darwinian gestapo: By what mechanism would that quantum state making up the first life form evolve? J-Mac
Scientists Closing in on Theory of Consciousness http://www.livescience.com/47096-theories-seek-to-explain-consciousness.html J-Mac

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