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Renowned chemist James Tour’s origin of life vids 4-6

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4 Homochirality

February 18, 2021: Diving into the science on homochirality, Dr. James Tour teaches the core chemistry concepts of enantiomers and chirality, exposing enormous challenges in the prebiotic synthesis and resolution of the molecules needed for life. By digging into the cited video’s only provided reference, Dr. Tour puts ink on paper and shows how the devil is in the details when it comes to proper interpretation of the data. Finally, Dr. Tour touches on the stereoisomeric challenges facing synthetic chemists doing origin-of-life, prebiotic research.

5 Carbohydrates

February 20, 2021: In this episode on carbohydrates, Dr. James Tour comes right out of the gate refuting the claimed triviality of biomolecular synthesis. Rather than agree with the claim on the ease of polysaccharide synthesis, Dr. Tour explains the difficulty of their creation, including homochirality and the prebiotic problems facing multiple isomers, blind pathways, and polymerization and positioning. Also, Dr. Tour points out the fallacy of borrowing products from biology in prebiotic syntheses, and the challenge of early Earth blindly working through unfathomable procedures.

6 Building blocks of building blocks

February 22, 2021: In this episode, Dr. James Tour pauses and goes back to the basics, in a most literal sense. The matter at hand is not merely synthesizing the four classes of compounds needed for life – polysaccharides/carbohydrates, proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids – but rather their respective building blocks – monomeric sugars; amino acids; nucleotides; and fatty acids and glycerol. When restricted to prebiotic chemicals and methods, and with no store from which to purchase these building blocks while remembering homochirality, is biomolecular synthesis easy?

Also: Renowned chemist James Tour’s episodes 0-3 on origin of life: Here’s Episode 0 from James Tour, kicking it off:

And 1-3 David Klinghoffer: Tour got going with this 13-part series of lectures in response to a hapless critic, Dave Farina. As a correspondent quips, “I don’t know who Dave Farina is, but he’s kicked the wrong dog.” Indeed so.

3 Replies to “Renowned chemist James Tour’s origin of life vids 4-6

  1. 1
    martin_r says:

    Great lectures!

    Thank you Dr. Tour for taking your precious time to give Darwinists a lesson.

  2. 2
    AnimatedDust says:

    I started watching this series on long drives to care for my aging mother. It’s been very enlightening. I had never heard of Dave Farina before. I did some research, and also looked at Dave’s channel.

    Then I learned that Dave still doesn’t yet even have his Masters Degree, and he’s calling himself Professor Dave. And that he’d really rather play music.

    And he takes on one of the world’s most renowned synthetic chemists and tells him (and us) that he’s full of s**t, “because Jesus.”

    Now that I know his entire living is based on YouTube subscriptions and not science, his motivation for kicking the dog named Tour becomes clear. He did indeed pick the wrong dog.

    But in this secular, no-attention-span cultural moment, it won’t mean anything to have embarrassed Farina in the academic arena. He will still have his legions of vapid atheistic fans, who are content to wallow in the brilliant “debunking” of Tour’s work, simply, “Because Jesus.”


  3. 3
    martin_r says:


    in regards to Dave Farina, social media, and various so called ‘influencers’, i have noticed one thing – the more uneducated you are, the more followers you have … Dave Farina is just another Darwinian clown who BELIEVES in miracles and misleads lay public …

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