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Researchers: Neanderthals were painting in a cave 65,000 years ago


The red ochre stains were assumed to be natural but one reporting team disagrees:

The team members analysed samples of red residues collected from the flowstone surface and compared them with iron oxide-rich deposits in the cave. They concluded that the ochre-based pigment was intentionally applied, i.e. painted — by Neanderthals, as modern humans had yet to make their appearance on the European continent — and that, importantly, it had probably been brought to the cave from an external source.

Furthermore, variations in pigment composition between samples were detected, corresponding to different dates of application, sometimes many thousands of years apart. Thus, it seems that many generations of Neanderthals visited this cave and coloured the draperies of the great flowstone formation with red ochre. This behaviour indicates a motivation to return to the cave and symbolically mark the site, and it bears witness to the transmission of a tradition down through the generations.

CNRS, “Neanderthals indeed painted Andalusia’s Cueva de Ardales” at ScienceDaily

The paper is closed access. It’s title is intriguing: The symbolic role of the underground world among Middle Paleolithic Neanderthals.

If this is correct, the Neanderthals didn’t live in Andalusia’s Cueva de Arales; they seem to have been using it as a ceremonial site.

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A deep and abiding need for Neanderthals to be stupid. Why?

And yet, we're told that it took these humans another 55,000 years to begin farming! Yah, the evolutionary timeline makes tons of sense! And don't try to pretend that Neanderthals were somehow less human than we are. That is pure racist thinking and a racist view of history. No wonder evolutionists think/thought that whites are more evolved and higher evolutionary beings than blacks. tjguy
Red ochre has an interesting resonance. For many centuries carpenters and masons used it to mark 'Cut Here' or 'Put Stone Here'. Red ink gained the sense of being a command or rule. When scribes wanted to distinguish the imperative parts of a text from the descriptive, they used red ink for the imperatives. I wonder if those ancients were using it the same way, as road signs in the passages of a cave. 'Turn here' or 'Stay here'. http://polistrasmill.blogspot.com/2021/07/say-black-do-red.html polistra
65k YA current consensus calibrates to early Terach and Nimrod early Ur a few decades prior to the 1948 anno-mundi birth of Abraham latter The ice ages (1657-1996). So Post Mabul by over 200 years. reference the Pearlman YeC series for the alignment of Torah testimony, science and ancient civ Pearlman
Yes, they decided on red ochre. After a long, acrimonious business meeting where they argued over that versus verdigris, and half the neanderthal's got up and stomped out of the cave in disgust. 8-) EDTA

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