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Respectful Treatment of ID in Italian Press


Here is a pdf copy of an article favorable to ID published Sept. 1, 2005 in Italy: www.uncommondescent.com/documentation/Avvenire_1sep05.pdf. Regardless of how good or bad your Italian is, you’ll get the gist by tracking the names of ID proponents discussed in the article.

From a colleague in Italy:
Yes, Avvenire is close to the Vatican, yet the people involved are very shrewd. As you would be see in the article of September 1st, and in an earlier one (August 13th), the emphasis is on the arguments (not the political affiliation), and the point of the articles is to show that: 1. ID is hotly debated now in the USA, and that same debate will soon develop here in Europe (it already is, in fact) 2. ID is not "stealth creationism", but rather scientifically and logically reasoned out argumentation, that goes against many wide-spread views held by neo-darwinists 3. ID is not dogmatic, but rather it is surviving in an open forum and thriving on analyses from many points of view (Actually, neo-darwinism is now being accused of being dogmatic) I have seen a couple of articles in the (very) secular press about ID, but they have been somewhat superficial -- basically re-reporting the NYT stuff, but they don't give any background, and they certainly don't give any bibliography. About 6 weeks ago, there was a knee-jerk response to ID in L'Unità, which is the premiere communist newspaper (leftist).... The author of L'Unità didn't really make any arguments, he just ranted and raved about how only stupid people would really consider the logical inference of ID as actually worthy of notice... Yes, the secular press here would probably be happier publishing pro-darwinian stuff, but fortunately for Italians, there are about 10 major daily newspapers, all with a different slant. The fact that the Catholic press has of date offered more in-depth analysis (favorable to ID) doesn't necessarily mean "it has an agenda to push", but rather that it is more interested in publishing stuff which is well thought out and challenging to people who want to think. After all, the Vatican has L'Osservatore Romano to present what it wants to, and is pretty widely circulated. In other words, the Church doesn't need to "baptize" ID to make it persuasive -- ID does that on its own.
William Dembski
The journal “Avvenire” is near the Vatican and the Catholic Church so it is not strange it is favorable to ID. The majority of Italian newspapers are unfavorable instead. Darwinists in Italy are ruling almost all the fields. niwrad

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