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Revisiting the Neanderthals without a sense of superiority


Introducing anthropologist Rebecca Wragg Sykes’s forthcoming book, Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art a writer at New Scientist dismisses Darwinian assumptions of superiority without identifying their origin:

HOW we began to unpick our species’ ancient past in the late 19th century is an astounding story, but not always a pretty one. As well as attaining tremendous insights into the age of Earth and how life evolved, scholars also entertained astonishingly bad ideas about superiority.

Some of these continue today. Why do we assume that Neanderthals, who flourished for 400,000 years, were somehow inferior to Homo sapiens or less fit to survive?

In Kindred, a history of our understanding of Neanderthals, Rebecca Wragg Sykes separates perfectly valid and reasonable questions – for example, “why aren’t Neanderthals around any more?” – from the thinking that casts our ancient relatives as “dullard losers on a withered branch of the family tree”.

Simon Ings, “We are in the midst of rewriting our understanding of Neanderthals” at New Scientist

If it weren’t for Darwinism, the Neanderthals wold not have needed to be cast as subhuman. But in any Darwinian scheme, someone must be the subhuman. Otherwise, there is no beginning to human history.

Perhaps some are beginning to back away from Darwinism without speaking its name. Just quietly starting to adopt other views.

@AaronS1978 There is almost no difference between Neaderthals and normal humans if you take away the ugly western fictional drawings of half gorilla people by darwnists. Neaderthals are normal people just like everyone else and there are people today with their characteristics along with others. If you found a midget skeleton and held the silly darwinism religious dogma, you would say its another missing link out of the naturalistic stupidiy. It is shocking to see how pathetic and useless science has become with all these fictional nonsense after nonsense as failed attempt to avoid the truth out of their own depravity, in the end noone can escape from the Wrath of God. There was nothing physical more than 6000 years ago and there’s no way humans could survive much longer based on how genetics are degrading and losing information with each generataion, the only reason to hold such ridiculous dates is carbon-dating which has been proven wrong so many times, there is literally no recorded history at all from before 4000 years ago, all post-flood civilizations and languages appear at the same time around 2200 BC and Neaderthals are the same as any other human. Kirikagure
Are they going to say they where human actually human AaronS1978
Another factor that contributed to the original attitude was English superiority over French and German "peasants". The Neanderthal remnants were found in Germany and France. England has always been at war with France, except for the brief periods when it was at war with Germany. Darwin and Wallace were distinctly English, and shared the feelings of the English uppercrust. polistra

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