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Saturday Fun: How Evolution Works Finally Demonstrated

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Some members of the Cornell University Creative Machines Lab have a little video on Youtube called

[youtube z9ptOeByLA4 Evolving Soft Robots with Multiple Materials.]  The video is in conjunction with a paper put out by members of the Creative Machines Lab.

You can all decide if you think evolution has finally been explained.  Enjoy!

7 Replies to “Saturday Fun: How Evolution Works Finally Demonstrated

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    It is very nice that people can write a computer program, with very little relevance to actual biology, and see it do something. That is a good exercise in programming experience, and it is fun to see your program do something. But to then proclaim that we are “watching evolution before our eyes” is just silly. I might as well write a program that “evolves” pigs that can fly, and then, viola, when I run the program it shows that pigs can fly. But I haven’t demonstrated the slightest evidence of anything that is relevant to the real world.

    The only reason this kind of stuff is even taken seriously is that the word “evolution” is so incredibly slippery and shifting in its meaning that we can do almost anything and call it “evolution.” And then if we aren’t very knowledgeable about actual biology, we can deceive ourselves into thinking that we have demonstrated something about evolution — you know, big evolution, grand evolution, the kind of evolution that brought you and me and everything else about.

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    Babamar says:

    The video is a stellar proof that evolution requires intelligence!

    Poor Cornell programmers who worked very hard to finally prove the contrary of what they set out to demonstrate.

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    NeilBJ says:

    I have a problem with the fact that there is a rule, or specification, if you will. The faster organism will leave more offspring. Then “tissues” are put in place to accommodate the rule. There is design every step of the way.

    There are no rules in evolution. As David Berlinski says, “What survives, survives.”

  4. 4
    OldArmy94 says:

    Someone wake me up when these bots compose concertos and become self aware.

  5. 5
    DanielAllen says:

    Wow , Its so obvious,why didn’t I see it before! And it was all done by 6th graders!

  6. 6
    DanielAllen says:

    I am embarrassed for Cornell University.

  7. 7
    tjguy says:

    I am embarrassed for Cornell University.


    But unfortunately these guys can’t see the problem!

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