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Science as magical thinking?


M. Anthony Mills tells us at RealClearScience that “Science Is Neither ‘Settled’ Nor ‘Skeptical'”:

The problem is that science is both dogmatic and skeptical—or rather, neither fully dogmatic nor fully skeptical—a bewildering characteristic that allows science to advance. But the disfiguring lenses of popular journalism and political debate transform this healthy tension into an untenable disjunction. On the one hand, we are told: “The science is settled!” Question not. On the other: “Science is never settled!” Question all. Depending on the issue, say, climate change or GMOs, politicians and pundits on the left or right will opportunistically appeal to one or the other.

Around here, we’ve noticed a lot of instances of dogmatic and few of skeptical. At least, if skepticism still means what it used to. It takes a peculiar form of skepticism to insist dogmatically that a universe can arise causeless from nothing and that inanimate nature can produce intelligence. That sort of skepticism used to be called magical thinking. A long time ago, in the days before science, people thought magical thinking was, well, dumb. Then magic got rebranded as cosmology and Darwinian evolution, and gained a new lease on life.

Evolutionists Explain Design Using Unscientific "Magic Words" "The term "magic words" is used here as a concise idiom that describes the best words evolutionists use to explain "apparent" design. Evolutionists confidently insist that a complex biological feature simply "appeared," "emerged," "arose," "gave rise to," "burst onto the scene," "evolved itself," "derived," "was on the way to becoming," "radiated into," "modified itself," "became a miracle of evolution," "was making the transition to," "manufactured itself," "evolution's way of dealing with," "derived emergent properties," or "was lucky." http://www.icr.org/article/unmasking-evolutions-magic-words/ Jack Jones
A lucky timely mutation here(here, there, and everywhere - the lottery wins never stop with mutations!), a fortuitous impact at just the right time and angle there, a perfect environment here, a "just right" universe there, etc ad nauseum. It all boils down to belief in luck plus whatever else they add in the mix to make it sound scientific, but yes, MAGIC, would be a good description of it. Whatever is needed just happens to emerge at just the right time as if the magician just pulled it out of his hat. tjguy
There is no science. its just people's conclusions. So some say THOSE people's conclusions settle things and others say they don't because there is a long history of them not and after many thought they had. Its just man's intelligence(tailless primates for some) that is the issue. science doesn't exist outside of mankind. Robert Byers

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