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Science fiction writer is not a Darwin fan

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Vox Day/Tracy White

Vox Day (actually Theodore Beale, a science fiction writer and video game designer) has been critiquing Darwinian evolution (which he calls TENS – Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection) of late: Here, he talks about recent findings that bird beaks don’t necessarily change to adapt to environmental conditions (as was thought to be the case with Darwin’s iconic finches in the Galapagos):

Notice that the evolutionary skeptic’s position has consistently proven to be more reliably scientifically post-predictive than the mainstream evolutionist position: … I’m not even remotely surprised by this, although I am certainly amused given the central importance of bird beaks to the history of TENS. The more that biological science advances, particularly on the genetic front, the weaker, the less necessary, and the more obviously false the theory of evolution by natural selection is consistently proving to be. Vox Day, “TENS continues to degrade” at Vox Popoli

“Evolution” can mean a variety of things but the controversial schoolbook version enforced by the Darwin lobby is “evolution by natural selection.” It’s the one that there never seems to be enough evidence for too, mainly because too much weight is placed on it, more than any one theory could bear.

Hey, if science fiction is real, there is a multiverse and somewhere out there is a universe where Darwinism is true.

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Hat tip: Ken Francis Francis is author, along with Theodore Dalrymple, of The Terror of Existence: From Ecclesiastes to Theatre of the Absurd.

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