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Science writer: Political correctness is a “disease with no cure.” Really?


Further to: Forrest Mims (who should know) on Scientific American’s recent PC police swoop (“The ruination of the legacy of a once great magazine”), now science writer AlexBerezow weighs in at Real Clear Science:

For science journalists, political affiliation shouldn’t be a problem because the job of a science writer is to report data and facts. Yet, it is a problem. As Hank Campbell and I detailed in our book, Science Left Behind, science journalists are quick to point out unscientific flaws in Republican statements and policies, but shy away from doing the same for Democrats. (Thankfully, this is slowly beginning to change, as more journalists are rebuking Democrats for being opposed to GMOs.)

The left-wing echo chamber that is the modern-day science newsroom has resulted in some very troubling controversies. A recent outbreak of political correctness has resulted in the termination of a Scientific American blogger who committed the unspeakable crime of giving a favorable review to a controversial book on genetics by New York Times writer Nicholas Wade and for defending Richard Feynman against exaggerated accusations of sexism.

Berezow ends with, “Unfortunately, political correctness is a disease with no cure.”

Actually there is a cure. Stop reading. Stop listening. Stop watching. Stop funding. Find your own, independent media and think for yourself and let others do the same.

It’s your right, but only if you exercise it.

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PC is nothing more then old fashioned tyranny. No excuses for not fighting and beating it. PC means correctness is being enforced by those in or with power. nOt by society or majorities. Its all about powers punishing people. Well do they have this authority? You gave it to them and why must the people consent. I find everyone complains about PC but backs it up for their favourites. PC people laugh because critics do it too. Just that there is disagreement. I'm sure the "science" writers fired on this blog thing ALSO agreed with PC for where it suited them. They created a monster and its eating everyone. The people are free and must be and must not be punished. Thats all one need argue and then fight and take a few punches. Creationism can lead and gain public approval by a strong denial for others telling and enforcing correctness on a free man. No excuses. Robert Byers

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