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Scientific American Best Flame Award 2006

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Scientific American Best Flame Award 2006

jhudson, it has occured to others too. Seems that Tolkien had the nature of wickedness down pretty well. BK
Ah! It looks like my comment is now on Aetiology. johnnyb
One has to give them PT monkeys one thing though, they're true to nature - rabid as junkyard dogs. Unfortunately flea infestations tend to break out from time to time. Now where's that DDT??? lucID
Is it possible that David Berlinski’s characterization of the Panda’s Thumb was too generous and understated? GilDodgen
Is it just me, or do the fights over at PT remind anyone else of the orcs in The Lord of the Rings? If they don't have some overlord commanding them or an imminent enemy, they seem to start attacking each other. Maybe someone should call Peter Jackson, it could be the basis of his next movie. jhudson
DaveScot -- Just to point out about PT moving comments to other blogs. In many cases the other blogs are much more stringently moderated. For example, on a blog run by a PT contributor, I was given the chance to speak but was not given the chance to defend my position. The moderation simply gave the others the last word (not saying that this was intentional, just how it happened). Any sort of moderation a blog owner wants to do is their right, but I think in some instances moving the comments to other blogs may be a way of keeping the comments in check without having to openly admit to moderating PT. In my particular case, the original PT article had comments open. However, I'm just pointing out that moving comments to other blogs has this potential. johnnyb
And speaking of ATBC and ignorant juvenile flame monkeys... they normally pounce on every word I utter but they're mysteriously silent about these last few articles lampooning the hijinks of PZ Myers and company on Panda's Thumb. What's the matter [church burnin' ebola] boys, cat got your tongues? :lol: DaveScot
"Rev Dr" Lenny Flank Posts: 73 Joined: Feb. 2005 Posted: June 28 2006,06:12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually I'm more concerned with the growing propensity for many of PT's "contributors" to disabling comments and forcing people to go to other blogs to participate. I find that trend rather disturbing. What's up with that?
Gee Lenny, maybe it's a growing awareness that letting a bunch of ignorant juvenile flame monkeys infest the commentary hundreds deep with dreck it ruins it for the relatively few commenters who have something intelligent to say and can say it with a civil tongue. You see, few people want to wade through the smelly dreck in order to find the pearls. That's where moderators come in. I'd invite you to comment here Lenny if it weren't for the fact that I try to keep the ignorant juvenile flame monkeys out of here. DaveScot
http://www.pandasthumb.org/archives/2006/06/ron_numbers_int.html#comment-108930 Says Hurd: "Frankly, my wife and I are planning to get out of the USA as soon as possible." Somehow I doubt this. Gary's planning on getting out of the USA and his wife is planning on getting out of the marriage. Women typically aren't big on leaving their friends and family behind because their husbands go mental. But don't get me wrong. I'm all for Gary leaving my country. I don't know if it'll be good for Gary but it will certainly be good for the USA. Bon voyage, Gary. DaveScot
Sorry Linda what was that song you were singing again? 'Cause baby there Ain't no soap strong enough Ain't no scrubb long enough Ain't no sewer deep enough To keep clean the PT stink! sorry that was too much of a temptation ;) for me lucID

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