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Visigoths are Coming

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Visigoths are Coming

The ARN product info reads:

A recent book attacking intelligent design (Intelligent Thought: Science vs. the Intelligent Design Movement, ed. John Brockman, Vintage Press, May 2006), , has chapters by most of the big names in evolutionary thought: Daniel Dennett, Richard Dawkins, Jerry Coyne, Steven Pinker, Lee Smolin, Stuart A. Kauffman and others. In the introduction Brockman summarizes the situation from his perspective: materialistic Darwinism is the only scientific approach to origins, and the “bizarre” claims of “fundamentalists” with “beliefs consistent with those of the Middle Ages” must be opposed. “The Visigoths are at the gates” of science, chanting that schools must teach the controversy, “when in actuality there is no debate, no controversy.”

While Brockman intended the “Visigoths” reference as an insult equating those who do not embrace materialistic Darwinism to uneducated barbarians, he has actually created an interesting analogy of the situation, and perhaps a prophetic look at the future. For it was the Visigoths of the 3rd and 4th centuries that were waiting at the gates of the Roman Empire when it collapsed under its own weight. For years the Darwinists in power have pretended all is well in the land of random mutation and natural selection and that intelligent design should be ignored. With this book (and several others like it), they are attempting to both laugh and fight back at the ID movement. Mahatma Gandhi summarized the situation well with his quote about the passive resistive movement: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Smiles... ugh, this was tongue-in-cheek humor? Michaels7
Fross wrote: This analogy can be taken in so many ways. While the Visigoths helped speed up the collapse of Rome, they certainly offered no alternative struction to replace it, and thus we had the Dark Ages. Another ironic thing is that creationism was the Dark Age view of life, and that’s what the I.D. movement is wanting to return us too.
Dang it Fross, did you have to throw cold water on our little moment of levity? C'mon bud, humor us a bit. Sal scordova
I re-read my post and you're right. I got Christ's and the Bible's message confused with evil men. I won't let it happen again. ;) Fross
Fross, you have no clue in regards to ID's goals. It appears you accept opinions from critics talking points, but not the proponents views themselves, nor have you taken time to read. The Intelligent Design movement loves science and the advancement of human achievement in all areas. Creationist love science. But scientism and special interest groups are not the High Priest of this nation. People are allowed to have open discussion in a nation with Freedom of Speech as our constitutional right. The problem is when power is consolidated in the hands of the few. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is not ID that is taking us "back" into the dark ages. Due to RM&NS we're already there! Scientist have long passed fossil collectors and macro-evolutionist. Applied sciences in medicine do not depend upon reptile to bird fantasy stories. You should read Dr. Sanford's book recently discussed here, or any number of books posted here. At least read, ID Defined on the right margin. Proof positive you clearly misrepresent the actions of such stellar science being performed by those who advocate "Teach the Controvery" as well as those whom have different beliefs on origins. MacroEvolution or McEvo has absolutely no impact on today's scientific progress. As for Rome, it fell for many reasons of which many disagree, the least of which was the Visigoths. Corrupt, weak, immoral, they'd internally become bankrupt - "paying mercenary soldiers to fight their wars for them". Sound familiar to ACLU paid lawyers? McEvos fight battles with mercenary lawyers who rip off our children and their communities from the money that could be better utlized for education, computers, library books and teachers. I'd call this more true of Dark Ages abuse by the power hungry few. This is what happens when arrogant intellectuals are in charge and over extend themselves without any true courage. They stand for nothing and everything all at once, buying their praise, their awards, their media reviews, their paid for "missing link" discoveries. Unable to mix it up on the front lines of the battle, they send in lawyers to manipulate the law, ransom small communities and blackmail our education system. The same goes for the Dark Ages. This myth that Creationism was the Dark Age view of life is a wornout lie and easily rebuked. The Dark Ages were dark precisely due to power of a few corrupt Kings, Tyrants and Thieves. Most in fact abused religion for the purpose of keeping themselves in power. Just like some Tyrants and Kings we know today? Hmmmm? And yet, most on the left do not care if millions are oppressed today by the same tactics. You cannot blame the words of Christ for the failures of men. Plus, pagan rituals were practiced thru out Europe. So your failed attempt at propaganda falls short on the ears of those well informed about history. People believed in all kinds of superstitious mumbo jumbo or used it on a daily basis to end an enemies life. Reading of entrails? Reading of dried bones? Bowing to trees? Kneeling to wooden animals? Calling upon Oden? We could fill this site with the practice of pagan worship symbols, stones, gods and ritualistic performances all day long. Yet you focus on one area of Christian belief? This shows either ignorance or willing bias on your part. Therefore, your charge is not a realistic statement of the times. It is in fact when people aquired freedom to read for themselves the Bible and other publications; literature, science, etc., that society came out of the dark ages. When information was freed to the masses, not held by a few. Free Access to Information was kept in control by a few. Much like what the ACLU and others are trying to do today - stifle all critics, all dissent and eliminate all contrary evidence. They wish to keep us in the Dark Ages of Random Mutations, unguided and purposeless existence. Supporters of McEvo have every right to voice their opinion. But they do not have the right to squash dissent. We live in a law-tocracy today. It enters our schools, our living rooms, our bedrooms and forces free people to bow down at the pagan god of Science. When information is allowed to flow freely with all sides at the table equally represented for transparent debate, argument, and discussion; then and only then do you have a more informed public able to make decisions critical to their childrens future. Your lack of knowledge of the dark ages is woefully clear and it is exactly why our education system is in trouble. Raised upon only one viewpoint - you actually do not know any better. That is the sad state of our public schools and universities today. One view, one doctrine, one way. Damned be the truth. You've either read leftist talking points or have not read a wide range of material on the subject. I suggest you read some opposing viewpoints for a change and also enlighten yourself on the practice of pagan rituals thru Europe during the Dark Ages plus the Abuse of Power by Kings and Tyrants. You commonly mistake the message in the Bible with the actions of evil men. Michaels7
This analogy can be taken in so many ways. While the Visigoths helped speed up the collapse of Rome, they certainly offered no alternative struction to replace it, and thus we had the Dark Ages. Another ironic thing is that creationism was the Dark Age view of life, and that's what the I.D. movement is wanting to return us too. Fross
I would like to take time to salute my fellow barbarians at Uncommon Descent. Our Relentlessly Enthusiastic Online Community is an important part of inspiring and informing Visigoths around the world. Sal the Barbarian scordova
Haha.... great illustration, good placement and on target with references to the result of Design in all areas. Particularly the Natural Limits of Biological Change with Information Content of DNA pounding down the wall of Darkness :) I followed the artist link and was "dropped jawed" to learn it takes a $1.29 to make a gallon of ethanol! Eeek, true? Anyone? Chuck's cartoon... http://www.creators.com/editorial_show.cfm?comicname=ca Michaels7
Too Funny! Mats
Sal, please consider something more about this analogy. As it is well know, Visigoths hadn't to fight at all to conquer Rome !!! In any way " ... the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." :-) K kairos

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