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Sean Carroll vs. Luke Barnes: Does God or Naturalism best explain the Universe?

Carroll (l) vs. Barnes (r)

From Unbelievable? at Premier Christian Radio:

Eminent cosmologists Sean Carroll and Luke Barnes join Justin for an extended edition of the show debating naturalism, Theism, Big Bang cosmology and fine tuning.

Sean, an atheist astrophysicist and author of ‘The Big Picture: on the origins of life, meaning and the universe itself’ argues that naturalism best fits with our scientific understanding. Luke, a Christian astrophysicist and co-author of ‘A Fortunate Universe: life in a finely tuned cosmos’ argues that Theism makes better sense of the evidence. More.

Audio here.

Sean Carroll at A Preposterous Universe

Luke Barnes at A Fortunate Universe

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Free live interactive webinar Saturday with fine-tuning astrophysicist Luke Barnes (U Sydney cosmologist Luke Barnes is known for thinking that fine-tuning of the universe should be treated as evidence. That, of course, entails recognizing the category “evidence,” currently under siege.)

I think even Sean would admit ID and creation once understands the 'age, formation and structure of the universe' as the overwhelming empirical evidence that is the prevalent CR of distant starlight means the universe is thousands and not millions or billions of years old. so no scientific way to invoke deep time, as all deep time premise and assumptions are thereby falsified, as we see by SPIRAL CR hypothesis. Pearlman
polistra @ 2: Well said. Truth Will Set You Free
Good discussion. I was struck by the fish-in-water tendency of the atheist dude. He says he was born atheist (which is an unproved statement of faith!) and then never had any reason to doubt his faith. He has always lived in an Episcopalian academic environment where everyone is an atheist and nobody can even start to IMAGINE how a Fundy or a Muslim thinks. A Christian or Muslim in modern times doesn't have the privilege of insularity. Every day a believer is assaulted mentally and physically by the vicious bigotries of the elite, and every day he has a moment (or many moments) of doubt. polistra
Sean Carroll vs. Luke Barnes: Does God or Naturalism best explain the Universe? Maybe...- by Sean Carroll also called (Dr. Maybe) because he uses maybes instead of evidence as science... Way to go Sean! Keep maybening! You are gonna get far as the society we live in today want nothing more but what they want to hear, even if they are just maybes cloaked as science... J-Mac

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