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Sean McDowell interviews Bill Dembski on how the ID movement is doing


Was the ID movement a success? What did it get right, and how has it changed? In this video, I interview one of the leading intelligent founders, William Dembski. He reflects back upon the movement and offers suggestions for moving forward.


Some of us have noticed that it is much easier to talk to people about design in nature than it used to be. So few kamikazes for Darwin out there now.

Personally, I thought the Dover trial was good for the ID movement for the long term. It didn't affect anyone's actual research projects, but it (a) removed the political side which was a huge distraction, and (b) demonstrated that it is indeed the materialist evolutionists want to use the courts to squash dissent. johnnyb
Earth to Chuck- There isn't any viable scientific alternative to Intelligent Design. ET
As I was saying... :) Andrew asauber
Intelligent design was always DOA... chuckdarwin
I think the fact that we have a troupe of Atheist/Statist/Evolutionist trolls assigned to UD means that ID is still a much-hated idea by Them, an indication the idea persists. Andrew asauber

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