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Researchers: The human brain and the universe are remarkably similar

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It looks as though the universe is not random but rather patterned in the way it unfolds:

When an astrophysicist and a neurosurgeon compared notes, they were surprised by the way the brain follows the same pattern as the universe.

Recently, Franco Vazza, an astrophysicist at the University of Bologna and Alberto Felleti, a neurosurgeon at the University of Verona, decided to compare the network of human brain cells and the network of galaxies in our universe. Even though the universe is 27 orders of magnitude bigger than a singe human brain, remarkable similarities emerged: “The human brain functions thanks to its wide neuronal network that is deemed to contain approximately 69 billion neurons. On the other hand, the observable universe is composed of a cosmic web of at least 100 billion galaxies. Within both systems, only 30% of their masses are composed of galaxies and neurons. Within both systems, galaxies and neurons arrange themselves in long filaments or nodes between the filaments. Finally, within both systems, 70% of the distribution of mass or energy is composed of components playing an apparently passive role: water in the brain and dark energy in the observable Universe. – Università Di Bologna, “Does the Human Brain Resemble the Universe?” At Phys.org”

News, “The human brain and the universe are remarkably similar” at Mind Matters News

The paper is open access.

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The OP discusses the brain, not the mind. I'm an oldtimer who believes the Bible, thus understands the mind is part of the unseeable soul which interfaces to the brain which is part of the seeable body. If the comparison above of a brain to the cosmos is accurate, then maybe the cosmos functions as a brain accessed by an unseeable mind (or minds). awstar
I think you’ll find that’s what Pauli was about when he wasn’t getting a Nobel. Agree with Aaron, both evidence of design. Belfast
Just think of those galaxies communicating with each other over those long filaments. aarceng
I think you’re kind of missing the point here it’s not the complexity that makes it a mind but the very fact that the brain in the universe seem to follow similar patterns indicate some level of design that’s inherent in our universe AaronS1978
Item A is complex. Item B is complex. Therefore Item B works the same as Item A. This is a wonderful finding! Next time I need an automobile, I'll just ride my computer to town instead. Works the same! (Oh, I guess I need to put a few gallons of Matter Fluctuations in the tank first.) polistra
Maybe the universe is a giant mind AaronS1978

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