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    SCheesman says:

    “Not all attendees embraced the idea of religon. W. Heisenberg, when directly asked his opinion, said he was uncertain.”

    When questioned further, I hear that he said he stated this “Merely as a matter or principle, but, when considered together as a product of (or with) his upbring, he could, in fact have been quite precise.”

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    Gerry Rzeppa says:

    Dr. Finch –

    Certainly your best work to date. And who would have guessed those guys were such great dancers?

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    PannenbergOmega says:

    I hope that all the crap Dr. Dembski and others go through, will eventually be vindicated. That their work will unleash a cultural and scientific renaissance and that
    future generations will look at these men as heroes.

    Is that too much to ask?

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    Atom says:

    Certainly your best work to date

    I dunno, the progressive abortion post made me laugh pretty hard. I thought that was pretty genius.

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