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Seeds like airplanes


From Java, Indonesia:

Remarkable footage has been captured of falling Alsomitra vine seeds, which use paper-thin wings to disperse like giant gliders.

The seeds, which are produced by a football-sized pod, can glide hundreds of metres across the forest.

That ensures that the seeds fall far from their parent, giving the next generation of vines a head start.

Matt Walker, “Vine seeds become ‘giant gliders’” at Earth News

Double bill:

But, we are told, there is no design in nature? Time to stop catering to wilful stupidity.

it is not only about wings. It is also about wing flapping frequency. e.g. insect wings won't be any good unless it can flap at high frequencies 200-800 times per minute. Basically, insect wings should be called ROTORS instead of wings. I would like to understand, how Darwinian biologists imagine the evolution of such high frequency wing flapping... but first they have to answer the question how insect wings evolved in the first place, because after 150 years of Darwinism, NOBODY KNOWS.... martin_r
Delta wings kairosfocus
Well, maple and sycamore seeds aren't exotic, but the announcer's text is exotic in the context of BBC. "Perfectly designed and perfectly balanced; a slightly smaller wing or a slightly heavier seed, and it would fall like a stone." He actually said the D-word! polistra

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