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Slumbering aliens and the Fermi paradox?: Even New Scientist isn’t on board with new hypothesis

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From astrophysics prof Geraint Lewis at New Scientist:

What if aliens are out there after all, only they are sleeping, awaiting a glorious future when the universe is cooler, providing the right conditions for them to fulfil their ultimate ambitions?

According to this new idea, alien civilisations emerged and flourished in the early universe, growing in size and developing technology to harness the energy from stars and galaxies. Eventually, after material expansion, these aliens would turn to more philosophical musings, pondering the big questions of the cosmos.

Lewis spots flaws in the hypothesis and suggests,

It is little more than guesswork and speculation. There is nothing wrong with a bit of speculation, it can inspire new thinking and new solutions, but it should be taken with an appropriately sized pinch of salt. More.

Indeed. Isn’t the current absolute dearth of aliens also consistent with the simpler idea that there are no aliens? (Occam’s razor)

Okay, maybe there are aliens, who knows? But is there a point beyond which the question ceases to be a science subject?

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But surely we can’t conjure an entire advanced civilization?


How do we grapple with the idea that ET might not be out there?

J-Mac @ 1, "What if aliens have more then 3 dimensions? Would we be able to see them or detect them?" Like angels? john_a_designer
Some possible reasons for the Fermi paradox: 1. We are the only ones. The abiotic origin of life and subsequent evolution of intelligence are beyond astronomically improbable. 2. There is no intelligent life besides us, only microorganisms. 3. Other intelligent species lack advanced technology. 4. Intelligent life self-destructs. 5. The universe is a deadly place. 6. Intelligent life is so rare and Space so big that communication and detection are impossible. 7. We haven't been looking long enough. 8. Alien communication technology is too advanced. 9. Nobody is transmitting, everybody is listening. 10. Earth is deliberately not being contacted. 11. Aliens are already here (UFOs, abductions). doubter
"alien civilisations emerged and flourished in the early universe" Um, nope. There is this fundamental problem that ALL of the heavier elements require MULTIPLE generations of super novae to provide the feedstock for fusion reactions more complex than producing helium from hydrogen. So any truly "early" life would have to be life that can thrive on worlds where there is not and has never been any iron or sulfur or phosphorus, etc., etc. Even carbon requires a second or third generation star to explode to distribute the "ash" sitting at the bottom of the furnace. And why would Life that came into existence when the universe was MUCH hotter be "awaiting a glorious future when the universe is cooler"? You either thrive in the original heat, or you die like flies. vmahuna
What if aliens have more then 3 dimensions? Would we be able to see them or detect them? J-Mac

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