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So there is no longer a language instinct?

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Not according to Aeon:

Now, is this because there actually isn’t a language instinct – or because we are finally permitted to dump on Noam Chomsky?

The basic ingredients of language, at least from our English-speaking perspective, are the parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and so on. But many languages lack adverbs, and some, such as Lao (spoken in Laos and parts of Thailand), lack adjectives. It has even been claimed that Straits Salish, an indigenous language spoken in and around British Columbia, gets by without nouns and verbs. Moreover, some languages feature grammatical categories that seem positively alien from our Anglocentric perspective. My favourite is the ideophone, a grammatical category that some languages employ to spice up a narrative. An ideophone is a fully fledged word type that integrates different sensory experiences arising in a single action: to pick one example, the word ribuy-tibuy, from the northern Indian language Mundari, describes the sight, motion and sound of a fat person’s buttocks as he walks.

It takes no great facility with language to see that adjectives are just appended nouns and adverbs are just appended verbs.

“It has even been claimed that Straits Salish …” Evidence? Evidence please? How would it be possible to say anything in such a language?

Note the “has even been claimed” above – sufficient, at one time, to burn a witch.

If you must dethrone your god, materialists, could you not do it in a more decent manner?

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language is just segregated sounds in combinations that represent ideas. so we simply use sounds to express our thoughts. I don't like the word instinct but our thoughts be expressed. The sounds of any people are just from agreements as to meanings. I don't think its complicated. I think its evolutiondom that must teach language rode along with intelligence but this doesn't work because languages are always intelligent. It shows intelligence came firsat then laguage. Also unlikely. therefore God created Adam with speech on day one. No evolution of language can be demonstrated. Robert Byers
It takes no great facility with language to see that adjectives are just appended nouns and adverbs are just appended verbs.
Indeed, no one with a facility for language is likely to make such a silly statement. keith s

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