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So Unique, So Exceptional—The Miracles of Evolution

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Here is a must see video that is well worth the five minutes of your time. It will have you asking, with evolutionist Ed Scholes, “Why?”  Read more

Here's another miracle of evolution: Jurassic insect that mimicked ginkgo leaves discovered - November 28, 2012 Excerpt: Researchers working in China have discovered an insect that lived 165 million years ago that they believe used its wings to mimic the leaves of an ancient ginkgo tree. The fossil finding, the team writes in their paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is one of the few that shows that early insects mimicked non-flowering plants millions of years before doing so with angiosperms. http://phys.org/news/2012-11-jurassic-insect-mimicked-ginkgo.html bornagain77
Unicorns are real! At least as real as the equations that describe them. Mung
supplemental notes to post #3 Of note: AWG 44 wire is the wire size that is equivalent to the width of a human hair,, Measurements and Gauge Excerpt: An AWG # 44 wire is about the thickness of a human hair. http://unimaxsupply.com/prc/pinstruct/measurements.htm and the AWG 44 wire is rated at well below the .014 Ampacity for AWG 40 wire (the last ampacity they have listed),,, AWG Wire Table, AWG Copper Wire Gauge Chart http://www.interfacebus.com/Copper_Wire_AWG_SIze.html Thus the ampacity (current carrying capacity) for the protein they measured is at least 100 times better than copper or silver would be compared at the size of a human hair. Also of note: The best manmade (intelligently designed) conductor only beats copper and silver by 30 to 50 times in its ability to carry electrical current: Graphene: How It Will Change the Future - Apr 12, 2012 Excerpt: Copper is a great conductor of electricity and heat. Only silver beats copper (by less than 10%). That is why we use copper wires to transmit electricity and data, and copper pots are prized by cooks. Graphene conducts heat and electricity 30-50 times better than copper and silver: electrons flowing in graphene travel near the speed of light. http://finchin.com/graphene-in-plain-english/ bornagain77
Unicorns, man! Unicorns! Way out... All accoutred in grunge garb, and one playing the bongos. Give me a tab, will ya? Axel
Evolution: Miracles for Atheists Mung
Dr. Hunter, if I'm not mistaken I believe your degree is in biophysics. If so, this recent finding should be of particular interest for you: Proteins Conduct Electricity - November 25, 2012 Excerpt: "The team showed that the protein could carry large currents, equivalent to a human hair carrying one amp. The team also discovered that current flow could be regulated in much the same way as transistors, the tiny devices driving computers and smartphones, work but on a smaller scale: the proteins are only a quarter of the size of current silicon based transistors." The finding represents a leap forward in measurement at the nano scale. “Prior to this work, measurement of millions, if not billions of proteins was only possible, so losing crucial details of how an individual molecule functions.” The team used scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) to read the electronics of a single molecule of cytochrome b562, a protein just 5 nanometers (billions of a meter) long. http://crev.info/2012/11/proteins-conduct-electricity/ bornagain77
Here is another 'small' miracle that evolution had nothing to do with: Starlings - Murmuration http://vimeo.com/31158841 bornagain77
Thanks Dr. Hunter, a truly amazing miracle to wake up to that, despite the blind faith of evolutionists, evolution did not even have a hand in the origination of a single protein of that amazing miracle. Proteins Did Not Evolve Even According to the Evolutionist’s Own Calculations but so What, Evolution is a Fact - Cornelius Hunter - July 2011 Excerpt: For instance, in one case evolutionists concluded that the number of evolutionary experiments required to evolve their protein (actually it was to evolve only part of a protein and only part of its function) is 10^70 (a one with 70 zeros following it). Yet elsewhere evolutionists computed that the maximum number of evolutionary experiments possible is only 10^43. Even here, giving the evolutionists every advantage, evolution falls short by 27 orders of magnitude. The theory, even by the evolutionist’s own reckoning, is unworkable. Evolution fails by a degree that is incomparable in science. Scientific theories often go wrong, but not by 27 orders of magnitude. And that is conservative. http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2011/07/response-to-comments-proteins-did-not.html The Hierarchy of Evolutionary Apologetics: Protein Evolution Case Study - Cornelius Hunter - January 2011 http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2011/01/hierarchy-of-evolutionary-apologetics.html Here is the closest evolutionists have come to mimicking the evolution of a single protein: A Man-Made ATP-Binding Protein Evolved Independent of Nature Causes Abnormal Growth in Bacterial Cells Excerpt: "Recent advances in de novo protein evolution have made it possible to create synthetic proteins from unbiased libraries that fold into stable tertiary structures with predefined functions. However, it is not known whether such proteins will be functional when expressed inside living cells or how a host organism would respond to an encounter with a non-biological protein. Here, we examine the physiology and morphology of Escherichia coli cells engineered to express a synthetic ATP-binding protein evolved entirely from non-biological origins. We show that this man-made protein disrupts the normal energetic balance of the cell by altering the levels of intracellular ATP. This disruption cascades into a series of events that ultimately limit reproductive competency by inhibiting cell division." http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0007385 How Proteins Evolved - Cornelius Hunter - December 2010 Excerpt: Comparing ATP binding with the incredible feats of hemoglobin, for example, is like comparing a tricycle with a jet airplane. And even the one in 10^12 shot, though it pales in comparison to the odds of constructing a more useful protein machine, is no small barrier. If that is what is required to even achieve simple ATP binding, then evolution would need to be incessantly running unsuccessful trials. The machinery to construct, use and benefit from a potential protein product would have to be in place, while failure after failure results. Evolution would make Thomas Edison appear lazy, running millions of trials after millions of trials before finding even the tiniest of function. http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2010/12/how-proteins-evolved.html bornagain77

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