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Spaghetti Monster apparition converts Germans


They seek recognition of an FSM church. Or something.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Okay, where are the chocolate pretzels? You ate ‘em all, you buy next. From Public Radio International (PRI):

After the service finished, I asked Weida if he actually believed in the divine nature of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” “It’s a hard question for a Pastafarian,” he said. “We are all separated into two persons inside.”

“Of course, I believe. But, of course, I also know it doesn’t exist,” Weida explained.

Weida said he doesn’t see himself strictly as an atheist, but rather a humanist. “We are also not a religious group,” Weida explained. “But we adhere to a Weltanshauung,” or a complete worldview. The more I asked for details about that worldview, the more ridiculous the answers got. For example, on the question of heaven, Weida said Pastafarians believe in a heaven-like existence in the afterlife that includes large amounts of beer and great numbers of strippers.

Pastafarianism actually started about a decade ago in the United States. A 24-year-old physics graduate named Bobby Henderson introduced the deity of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in an open letter of protest to education officials in Kansas. They had proposed teaching intelligent design in biology classes. Henderson’s letter went viral. And it spawned a largely Internet-based movement.

Weida told me he believes in freedom of religion, but that he doesn’t have much respect for mainstream organized religion. He is pushing for official recognition of his church to make a political statement about what he sees as the privileged position that religious organizations have in German society. More.

The thing is, they could be getting more that they bargained for. The FSM was invented to mock design in nature and by extension the ID community. But the joke could be getting out of hand.

We don’t really care about their antics one way or the other but their posters were banned at London U and they got beat up in Moscow. It’s a high price to pay for something they don’t clearly/clearly don’t (?) believe in. Or to make some point for which a few op-eds would suffice.

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Hee’s the apparition:

Moreover, they are playing a very dangerous game in the age of ISIS and the new atheists - people who DO take their religion seriously, and are willing to persecute (or in the former case kill) in its name. News
And it's a terrible argument against ID in the first place. OldArmy94

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