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Spare a thought for Afghanistan’s terrified scientists

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They had hoped for a world that was ultimately denied them:

Now, academics fear for their own safety. They also worry that research will languish without money and personal freedoms, and because educated people will flee. Some fear that they could be persecuted for being involved in international collaborations, or because of their fields of study or their ethnicity.

“The achievements we had over the past 20 years are all at great risk,” says Attaullah Ahmadi, a public-health scientist at Kateb University in Kabul.

According to news reports, billions of dollars in overseas finance for Afghanistan’s government—such as assets held by the US Federal Reserve and credit from the International Monetary Fund—have been frozen. It’s not clear whether or when the funding will be released, and how that will affect universities and researchers, but many report salaries not being paid.

Smiriti Mallapaty, “Afghanistan’s Terrified Scientists Fear Persecution” at Scientific American

And now hordes may persecute them for even wanting that world.

Meanwhile, in the cradles of science that they are denied, there is a Woke war on math and on science.

Yes, the lights are going out… for now.

And over 51,000 of the opposition died. Why did the Taliban have such an easy time taking the country? That is what I mean by taking a stand. There should be Taliban defensive positions that we could bomb. ET
Over 60,000 Afghan troops were killed in combat against the Taliban. What do you mean by taking a stand? Silver Asiatic
Those numbers prove they should have taken a stand. Yet they didn't. ET
During the War in Afghanistan,... 66,000 to 69,000 Afghan military and police ... have been killed as of April 2021 2,448 American service members have been killed in Afghanistan Silver Asiatic
It was denied them by their own people who refused to take a stand against the Taliban. What is up with that? ET
It's incredibly sad and disappointing. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who will now suffer at the hands of one of the most brutal and evil regimes in our contemporary world—the Taliban. KRock

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