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Spiders and birds of Paradise use the same molecular strategy for mating displays


They’re closely related, right?

According to the team’s observations, spider super black reflects less than 0.5 percent of incoming light, creating a gleam-free, featureless void in color…

Recently, McCoy and her colleagues studied a similar type of super black coloration in male birds of paradise. They found that their blackness is produced by microscopic structures that imprison the majority of incoming light, creating a featureless, dark surface. … “Peacock spiders and birds of paradise are two of the most elaborate types of animals on Earth,” McCoy says.

“I sometimes call them ‘spiders of paradise’—but of course, that’s the bird-centric view of the world.” Nadia Drake, “How peacock spiders use optical illusions to woo females” at National Geographic

Hat tip: Philip Cunningham

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