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But then how separate are these bear species, really?


From “Polar Bear Evolution Tracked Climate Change” (Science Daily, July 23, 2012), we learn,

The international study, led by the Pennsylvania State University and the University at Buffalo, found evidence that the size of the polar bear population fluctuated with key climatic events over the past million years, growing during periods of cooling and shrinking in warmer times.

The research also suggests that while polar bears evolved into a distinct species as many as 4-5 million years ago, the animals may have interbred with brown bears until much more recently.

It happens today. See below.

These intimate relations may be tied to changes in Earth’s climate, with the retreat of glaciers bringing the two species into greater contact as their ranges overlapped, said Charlotte Lindqvist, the study’s senior author and an assistant professor of biology at UB.

Raises the question how separate these species ever were or could be.

Bears are generally omnivores who can range over a very wide territory, with predictable results:

I am confident bears and dogs and probably seals and others are of the same kind(pair) that came off the ark. I'm sorry but that is completely ridiculous. That would involve quite a lot of information increases in order to give rise to animals as different as pinnipeds and canids and ursids. Seeing as you are a yec, I presume you object to the evolutionary whale sequence, but what you propose is not much different, and in fact a lot harder seeing that the time frame is much shorter. kuartus
As a YEC i would educate that bears only for about 4500 years have been segregated from each other. In fact I am confident bears and dogs and probably seals and others are of the same kind(pair) that came off the ark. So it could only be that these present types of bears are easily breeding together. Polar bears are just brown bears with white hair. Robert Byers
Yup and if man couldn't travel different races would be considered different species (no interbreeding due to lack of contact) Joe

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