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Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design: The Banality of Evolution, Part 3

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In the twentieth century evolutionists resisted the idea of a “Big Bang” beginning of the universe. They wanted a universe that had no beginning but the evidence did not cooperate but rather increasingly pointed to the Big Bang model. Now cosmologists, such as Cambridge University’s Lucasian Professor of Mathematics Stephen Hawking, say the Big Bang is no longer a problem to understand. It turns out the universe blasted itself into existence spontaneously,” as one science writer put it. Or as a leading physicist explained, a consequence of general relativity is that “universes are free! It costs precisely zero energy (and zero anything else) to make an entire universe. From that perspective, perhaps it’s not surprising that the universe did come into existence.”  Read more

Cosmologists report speculative hypotheses with all the certainty of a child explaining their imaginary friend. Very well said! tribune7

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