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Subjectivist Cowardice on Display


JDK wrote in a comment to my last post:  “I just believe it is true that there is no Truth that we can know.”

I replied by stating that the fact that it is evil to torture a baby for pleasure is certainly true.  And I challenged JDK:  “Deny that. I dare you.”

JDK refused my dare and ran for cover.

JDK’s statement and my statement are mutually exclusive.  They cannot be both be true.  So it should be easy for JDK to deny my claim if he truly believes his claim.  Yet he refuses to do so. Why?  Because at bottom he is a coward.  He comes into these pages and makes bold claims about the unknowability of truth.  And when confronted with the loathsome repugnance of his moral squalor, instead of standing by his claim, he tucks tail and runs.

Maybe I am wrong.  I will give JDK another chance just to make sure.  Here goes.

JDK, you say “there is no Truth that we can know.”  I say we can know with absolute certainty that it is evil to torture a baby for pleasure.  Go ahead, deny my claim.  I dare you again.