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TOUCHSTONE, with its special ID double issue back in 1999, was one of the first periodicals to openly support the ID movement. That double issue became a book, coedited by Jim Kushiner and me, titled SIGNS OF INTELLIGENCE: UNDERSTANDING INTELLIGENT DESIGN (for the Amazon.com listing, click here).

Now’s a good time to subscribe to TOUCHSTONE:

Big Summer Sale!

Touchstone is offering both a $10 discount on a one-year subscription plus a FREE copy of Creed and Culture ($15 value) published by ISI Books: essayists include Russell Kirk, James Hitchock, Thomas Howard, Vigen Guroian. David Mills, S. M. Hutchens, Patrick Henry Reardon and others. Creed and Culture is a great read from cover to cover. It was very favorably reviewed in The Weekly Standard and National Review. More information and table of contents can be found:


To sign up for this FREE book and a discounted one-year subscription to the award-winning Touchstone:


IMPORTANT: Enter the word CREED in the special code box before you hit submit: Your confirmation page will show the subscription price is reduced by $10 to $24.95, plus you will be sent a FREE copy of Creed and Culture.

It’s a $49.95 value for only $24.95!

Now’s a great time to start receiving Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity, plus your FREE copy of Creed & Culture.

What amazes me is that there was a big evolution controversy going on for decades before the Dover trial and I wasn't aware of it. Sure, I read some scientific criticisms of evolution, but I wasn't aware of this big controversy. The Kitzmiller v. Dover decision was a Pyrrhic victory for the Darwinists -- it has almost no value as precedent but has aroused tremendous opposition to suppression of criticisms of evolution theory. 4 yeers ugo I coodn't evun spel evolooshun -- now I hav a big blog with hundrids uv artakuls abowt it. Larry Fafarman
Good grief, Touchstone is top shelf material in _any_ case -- those guys/gals earn every penny. wnelson
Ah, I let my subscription expire. I did get the wonderful ID issue (as well as the book), but wasn’t as interested in the ecumenical issues, though I did read and highly recommend Leon J. Podles (The Church Impotent: The Feminization of Christianity), and also a pro-ID book by Huston Smith. It’s a great magazine and so if you are interested in an “ecumenism of [Christian] orthodoxy defined by the Great Tradition” you should subscribe, and we should support ID friendly enterprises . . . hmm, wonder if there'll be more ID stuff coming up. Rude

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