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Tales of the Woke: #MeTooSTEM leader faked up COVID-19 victim


At the Zoom funeral for a non-existent person, finally some people noticed the crazy.

Note: If you are inclined to think that many of these #wefixugood groups are a bit over the top, do not—for the sake of your tablemates—drink coffee while reading this:

BethAnn McLaughlin will step away from the organization after confirming allegations that she posed as @Sciencing_Bi, a fabricated queer indigenous researcher and victim of sexual harassment.

The anonymous account, @Sciencing_Bi, first began tweeting in 2016, and over the years claimed to be a queer indigenous woman, a survivor of sexual harassment, and an anthropologist affiliated with Arizona State University (ASU). Through her seemingly candid stories about her own experiences, @Sciencing_Bi built up a loyal following, including McLaughlin, who frequently acted as a go-between to help preserve @Sciencing_Bi’s anonymity.

But after McLaughlin announced @Sciencing_Bi’s death from COVID-19 several days ago, people began trying to identify her, and her story began to fall apart. Scientists who had considered @Sciencing_Bi an online friend turned from mourning her death to accusing McLaughlin of inventing her outright …

Amanda Haidt, “MeTooSTEM Leader Admits to Faking Twitter Account” at The Scientist

Which she had.

One suspects we’d need a pretty big snow yard to shovel all the Woke Righteousness into. But at least some people began to put two and two together, and you can read about the Great Unravelling at The Scientist. and Science. McLaughlin has resigned from the group.

A number of people had also resigned from the executive of #MeTooSTEM earlier, complaining of “bullying.”

We believe it.

It's worth remembering that made-up identities are a very old and well-practiced procedure in intel circles. Highly recognized and admired activists often turn out to be mostly fiction. polistra

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