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Mike Egnor on what to do when the Woke come for you

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It works well when dealing with Darwinists, too, he thinks:

You know that Maoist struggle sessions are coming, and if you’re reading Evolution News sympathetically, you likely have a seat reserved for you, and it’ll be under a spotlight. You may not be interested in Critical Theory, but Critical Theory is interested in you. In universities and workplaces across the country folks are being asked to take a knee (at least figuratively) to the Frankfurt School and its heirs, and jobs and careers will depend on genuflection. Of course, you can grovel, but that might not work anyway (they feed more voraciously when they smell blood), or you can defy the totalitarians openly, thereby keeping your soul but probably not your job.

Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay, authors of the upcoming anti-wokeness book Cynical Theories, have an essay on the topic: “How to talk to your employers about anti-racism.” It’s a good essay, and their book promises to be a good book (I’ve pre-ordered it). They give a lot of advice, and they seem to have some legal savvy, although I don’t have the expertise to speak to that. Please read the essay — they offer a systematic approach to safeguarding your sanity, your dignity, and hopefully your job in these times, and they give a nice synopsis of (not nice) Critical Theory. Michael Egnor, “When They Come for You — Some Helpful Tips” at Evolution News and Science Today:

Here’s the essay he recommends.

He adds,

This strategy could be effective in dealing with the Darwinian totalitarians we’ve encountered over the past several decades. Woke thugs, like Darwinist thugs, abhor having to explain themselves. As a tactic, asking questions of interrogators (rather than making assertions) forces them to commit to (or deny) the core tenets of their ideology, which is generally not pretty and not something they care to do, in detail. It also allows you to raise salient points to the interrogator and to the public without exposing yourself to cancellation due to your own assertions — you really haven’t asserted anything. You’re just asking, and you find it hard to understand why they have such trouble giving credible answers.

Michael Egnor, “When They Come for You — Some Helpful Tips” at Evolution News and Science Today

Cynical Theories drops August 25, 2020.

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3 Replies to “Mike Egnor on what to do when the Woke come for you

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    polistra says:

    I doubt it. Well-trained Deepstaters have a whole set of strategies for evading questions and flipping questions back onto the questioner. They’ve been working on this for many decades, with lots of help from the “social” “sciences”. It’s better to avoid discussion entirely.

  2. 2
    Querius says:

    I don’t think inquisitors are interested in logic, intelligent conversation, or even passive compliance. What they want to find out is whether you’re a true believer. The following example is true-to-life:

    Question from a Soviet interrogator: “If there was a free election, would you vote for the communist candidate?”

    Wrong answer: “Yes, of course.”
    Right answer: “What do you mean ‘if there was a free election?’ We have free elections!”


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    willspeaks says:

    Start suing them for malpractice.
    Maybe we can get Sydney Powell to start a class action lawsuit against Big ED

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