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That Old Time Multiverse Religion


This article by Stephanie Margaret Bucklin in Astronomy Magazine is remarkably candid. Bucklin admits that any multiverse theory that is not testable (which, currently, is all of them) falls within the realm of metaphysics, not physics.  She writes:  “But how credible is a scientific theory that might not be testable? . . . theories like the multiverse have drawn criticism from some scientists, who warn of the danger of speculation beyond what data can tell us.”

She also admits what ID proponents have known all along — fine tuning is a real thing crying out for an explanation, and a primary motivating factor behind multiverse theory is a search for a materialist answer to that problem:

Though scientists have no direct evidence for the multiverse’s existence, some theoretical models suggest the multiverse could solve some key riddles in physics, such as why the parameters of our universe, including the strength of the the electromagnetic force between particles and the value of the cosmological constant, have values that are exactly in the small range required for life to exist. Perhaps, some scientists posit in one version of the multiverse theory, there are billions of other universes out there with all different possible values of these parameters—ours just happens to be the one with the right values for life.

Who knows where the multiverse mania will ultimately lead.  But it is refreshing to see journalists finally getting past the hype and coming to grips, however tentatively, with what is really going on — multiverse theory is a faith-based enterprise seeking to put a veneer of scientific respectability on materialists’ metaphysical prejudices.


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