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VJ Torley Asked Me to Post This: “Mathgrrl is Innocent”


In a previous post, I misidentified Mathgrrl with another anonymous contributor to Uncommon Descent, and accused Mathgrrl of making uncivil and ungentlemanly remarks on a certain evolution forum. It now turns out that this identification was incorrect. I would like to apologize to Mathgrrl.

vj torley is innocent! Set VJT FREE! Mung
utidjian, I think he was referring to the actual Mathgrrl. Clive Hayden
Yes, this is all very well but... which Mathgrrl are you apologizing to? The one you accused of being Mathgrrl or the one who is Mathgrrl? utidjian
To err is human; to forgive, divine! And admitting one's mistake shows a person of strong, moral character. Just one MORE reason I love this website and the contributors to it!! Take care and God Bless Blue_Savannah
Now that you have got over the obsession with names, how about answering the original question(s) ? Graham
A lesson to us all! Let us all engage in civil Internet behavior. johnnyb

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