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The Alt-Right and The Antifa are Fundamentally the Same


The Alt-Right spouts “blood and soil,” white identity, and nationalism.  The Antifa is a child of totalitarian tolerance manifested in political correctness and identify politics.  While at first blush they might seem radically different, they are in fact fundamentally the same.

They are fundamentally the same because they are both manifestations of materialist politics, and as such they are both antithetical to the liberal (in the old sense of that word) Christian principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence.  The Declaration appeals to the inherent dignity of every person created as they are Imago Dei, in the likeness and image of God.  At Gettysburg Lincoln insisted that as a people we are dedicated not to a tribe or a sovereign or a place.  No, we are defined by a proposition and our system of government is dedicated to that proposition – that all men are created equal.

That proposition can find no purchase in materialist metaphysics.  Indeed, the materialist creation myth – Darwinism – mocks the very notion of equality.  Whether manifested in the blood and soil right or the smiley-faced fascism of the left, all materialist politics is impelled by the same will to power which gives rise to the same Bellum omnium contra omnes, the war of all against all.  The Alt-Right and the Antifa are nothing more than warring tribes in that metaphysical schema.

H'mm: Is our most recent church shooter a right-wing, fundy christian wacko? Seems, not: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5053013/Devin-Kelley-outcast-preached-atheism.html KF kairosfocus
WJM, BTW, looks like the army going after the abusers is having some impact. KF kairosfocus
"The Alt-Right spouts “blood and soil,” white identity, and nationalism." I'd have to agree with WJM on this one, Mr. Arrington. I think the white nationalists are actually leftists. "Blood and Soil" is a mantra of white nationalism, and is a rallying cry of the neo-Nazi aligned groups, who took over power in Ukraine, ousting the democratically elected president. There's a very dangerous feud going on between Russia and Ukraine, which appears to be spilling over into other parts of the West. I'm not certain if it has anything to do with the Russian and Ukraine election collusion stories floating around right now, but I wouldn't be surprised. Oliver Stone's documentary film, Ukraine On Fire.....: https://youtu.be/EExYdGHSK2k ...is instructive here. Charlottsville was strangely reminiscent of the Ukraine protests prior to the coup. The night before the event there, thousands of white nationalists partook in a "torch March," during which they chanted "blood and soil." AntiFa, and the Color Revolutions in Eastern Europe were both funded by George Soros's Open Society organization, and the Ukraine coup was orchestrated partly by members of the Obama administration. WJM is correct when he argues that the alt-left has commandeered the term "alt-right in order to lump all conservatives together as racists, and worse. Hillary Clinton clearly had the "alt-right"in mind with her "basket of deplorables" remark during the presidential campaign. CannuckianYankee
Extinction of whites is self administered. They are choosing to have so few babies. Even if whiteness was for some reason worth preserving like an endangered species (it isn't a species), white people have to first look in the mirror before they start blaming leftists and all the other hues for what is happening to the prevalence of their skin color. At any rate, no matter your point of view, race is a false construct. Biblically there is only one race, since all humans came from the same two parents. Evolutionarily, there is only one strain of human beings, supposedly originating in Africa. There is no basis in either view for inherent differences between the races. Finally, if the human genome is actually experiencing devolution, or if Genesis is literally correct, then the different "races" are actually a degeneration of humanity, such as the special dog breeds that look fancy but wouldn't last a day in the wild. In which case, we should be doing our best to recombine the races instead of isolating them. EricMH
Truly startling ignorance. If that is your understanding of the alt-right you shouldn't have created the posting in the first place. The alt-right movement is a reaction to the fact that Whites have been going extinct in several Western countries. How long have Whites been going extinct in the U.S. Barry? I know you don't know. I'll tell you -since 1973. I can see the blank look of total incomprehension on your face. That is when the fertility rate for Whites in America turned below replacement. Even you must be aware that the percentage of Whites in the American presidential race has been dropping constantly. Another important difference is that the American power elite are massively supporting the replacement of Whites through open borders. Have you noticed the concept of White privilege permeating our society which promotes White guilt for their accomplishments? Have you watched the news recently. If you support White interests you are a far right extremist. Is that your point of view too? Perhaps you should do a little research on the push by billionaires Soros and Singer to promote open (non-White) immigration. Peter
Gonna have to disagree with you on this one, Mr. Arrington. Antifa is self-named and the term still applies as it was originally intended to a relatively small group of might-makes-right anarcho-fascists (who try to sell themselves as "anti-fascists"). While the term "alt-right" was coined by white supremacist Richard Spencer, it has been long since been co-opted by the left to paint virtually everyone right of center with the same brush in order to make it seem like everyone not on the left is a racist. As News points out, Milo Yiannopoulos (and Allum Bokhari) wrote an exhaustive description of the diverse groups painted with the negative "alt-right" brush. Also, I'm not sure how being a white nationalist corresponds to being a materialist. If one believes that only white people are made in the image of god, that's certainly not equitable to materialism. It might be a disgusting perspective, but that doesn't make it fundamentally the same as materialism. Strict constitutionalists are also painted as "alt-right" by the progressive propaganda media. Interestingly, my google search for that Milo article using the key phrase "the truth about the alt right breitbart" on google didn't locate a single Breitbart article, while my search on Bing had that article first on the list. William J Murray
The great achievement of the nation state was to liberate citizens from tribal politics (= obligate identity politics). Both groups are threatening to submerge us all in it again. Curiously, "nationalism" has recently become a negative word. At one time, it was identified with liberation. One could be an American, an Indian, or a Canadian without reference to one's personal ethnic or cultural origins. We'll sure miss that when it's gone. I bet science goes with it too. News
Barry: It's interesting you make this comparison since Milo Yiannapolous, that nutty guy, wrote an article last year that was really good journalism--the way journalism used to be done. He reported the facts; he looked at things objectively. His take was this: the "Alt-right" are people of the Left who have reacted to the Left since the Left has become so unhinged. So they mock what the Left has become, and they do it by coming at the Left from the Right: hence, "Alt-Right." Yes, the "Alt-Right" is simply an inverted Left. P.S. Milo was lambasted as a white supremicist for this article. There wasn't a hint of that. But, of course, the Left has to smear Milo, or else people will read his article and find out exactly what the "Alt-Right" actually is: defected Leftists. PaV

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