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The BRITES Lobbies the Motion Picture Association to Give an NC-17 Rating to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed



The BRITES today launched their crusade to lobby the Motion Picture Association to rate the documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed NC-17. Dr. Richard Knuther railed against Expelled‘s practice of reductio ad Hitlerum, questioned the morality of the producers of the documentary, and called the movie thought porn. More at TheBRITES.org.

Woops, Galapagos I mean. My apologies, sir. PannenbergOmega
Galapagoes Finch are you involved with Concerned Citizens for Scientific Integrity? PannenbergOmega
I don't think he should be reading anything to blined. They are in enough pain as it is. Frost122585
Michael Moore would be better off reading to the blind, or working with inner city youth. PannenbergOmega
You know Darwinists have to face the fact that Intelligent Design is the real and legitimate study of origins from the perspective of probability and information and how they are related, interrelated and best explained in evolutionary terms. Everyone agrees with evolution on some scale- micro, Marco etc.. it is the understanding, formulization and interpretation of the data that differentiates ID from Darwinian evolution. If science isn't about interpreting objective data then I don’t know what science is. Darwinism cannot deal with information and improbability-- that is "specified complexity" the complexity of the improbability of mutation accounting for diversification of complex life ---and----the organization of that life form in terms of diversification of uniquely characterized genes and molecular machines “that contribute to the function and extension of the existence a given living organism” -- that is “specificity” of the contributory and essential parts connected to life’s “operation.” Operation implies motive when improbability in involved- as nothing materialistic can necessitate complexity other than chance and design. Now it could be (though not lily IMOP) that probability an disinformation are in fact just an allusion. But it could also be the case that chance and necessity could be an illusion. Either way both sides should be taught without having to use Hitler’s SS to muzzle the other side. This is the nasty said of the politics of the origins debate that expelled is concerned with revealing.-- minus of course the extreme hyperbole. Frost122585
These people will say anything to hide the truth- or other people's opinions and viewpoints. This action of course proves exactly the thesis of the movie, that they are the fascists. I’m sure they were just as critical of Al Gore's propaganda piece and Michael Moore's seditious and slanderous conspiracy movie. To even compare the two nonsensical topics above to the legitimate theory of ID is bad enough that I feel certain it shouldn’t even be done. Nevertheless, there it is. Frost122585
Knuther kinda looks like Adolf Hitler. I'm sure it's just a coincidence though. PannenbergOmega
I thought Dr. Knuther quite mild in his assertions. In Australia we have RC - Refused Classification. Anything with this is banned from sale or hire in Australia, and probably from viewing. I thought he wouldn't want anyone seeing this, not just the innocent kiddies ... Knuther reminds me of somebody ... possibly my mother. Are the Brites weakening in their resolve??? AussieID
http://www.trueorigin.org/holocaust.asp PannenbergOmega
Galapagos Finch, a little bird told me that there is going to be a post-Expelled party at your house. How exclusive is this shin dig going to be? PannenbergOmega

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