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The CORRECT way to understand the mysterious Utah monolith

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Utah park rangers want us to know that this is NOT allowed:

A mysterious metal monolith was discovered in Utah after public safety officers spotted the object while conducting a routine wildlife mission.

A helicopter crew with the Utah Department of Public Safety Aero Bureau was assisting Wildlife Resources on Wednesday to count bighorn sheep in southeastern Utah, the department said…

Hutchings said the origins of the silver metal monolith still remained a mystery, but it appeared to be a “new wave” art installation that stood “between 10 and 12 feet high.”

Wilson Wong, “Mysterious metal monolith discovered in rural Utah” at NBC News

Why rush to conclude intelligent design?, asks philosopher and photographer Laszlo Bencze

He writes us to recommend a proper Darwinian view of the problem:

Having studied the pictures of the “mysterious metal monolith” which appears to be about two feet wide and ten feet high, it is clear to me that this is a natural object, a crystal of pure iron. As we know, tiny crystals of pure iron can be grown under laboratory conditions. I see no reason to suppose that they might not also grow under natural conditions. Moreover, I see no reason why the growth of a microscopic crystal might not, under favorable conditions, grow to macroscopic size. We need only imagine soil conditions of high iron content, ground water, a lightning strike, and some phosphoric salts to understand how such a crystal might well grow unimpeded from a damp spot in the desert.

Yes, exactly. The desert version of Darwin’s Warm Little Pond, where life might just happen to originate…

Only a creationist would suggest that a local artist created it after spending too much time rewatching Space Odyssey 2001 (1968):

See also: Darwin’s notebooks apparently stolen – But wait! A proper Darwinian response would say that the books evolved away from the Library “daily and hourly” during those twenty years. Seriously, we sure hope they get them back.

6 Replies to “The CORRECT way to understand the mysterious Utah monolith

  1. 1
    polistra says:

    Considering the obvious echo of a famous movie, I’d think aliens would be the preferred explanation for this particular object.

  2. 2
    mike1962 says:

    I suspect that (the ironically named) Antifa proto-humans will show up any minute now and start beating the thing with sticks.

  3. 3
    Barry Arrington says:

    I watched 2001 last Saturday for the first time in many years. I had forgotten how mind-numbingly boring about 2/3 of that movie is.

  4. 4
    Querius says:

    Simple. Differential erosion of a relatively rare metallic fragment of an exploding asteroid over hundreds of millions of years. It was polished by high-velocity dust particles by strong winds that musta been channeled up the ravine.

    You ID people are so unimaginative to always immediately assume intelligent design when there are so many naturalistic explanations! 😉


  5. 5
    Blastus says:

    Here is an interesting article:
    It is about the likelihood of life developing given the assumed age of the earth. Perhaps one of ya’all could start a new thread. It mirrors the conclusions of many BA77 postings.

  6. 6
    Querius says:

    Interesting. Thanks for sharing the link!


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