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The Darwinians show their lovely faces in Brazil


We wish we could set this to music:

Intolerant Darwinists Show Their True Colors, Piling On Vituperative Rhetoric

by Jerry Bergman, PhD

The headline of the most respected American scientific journal, Science, speaks volumes: “Brazil’s pick of a creationist [Benedito Guimarães Aguiar Neto] to lead its higher education agency rattles scientists.”

I had to do some research to learn about Neto’s qualifications, which most of the many articles I read ignored entirely, or incorrectly claimed that he was a lowly “electrical engineer by training” implying he wired new homes. The fact is, in 1977, Benedito Neto graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB). He then completed a master’s degree at UFPB and a doctorate from Technische Universität Berlin in Germany and, in 2008, completed a post-doctorate from the University of Washington where my son used to teach.

Professor Aguiar Neto previously served as the rector of Mackenzie Presbyterian University (MPU), a private school that Escobar claims “advocates the teaching and study of intelligent design (ID), an outgrowth of biblical creationism that argues that life is too complex to have evolved by Darwinian evolution, and so required an intelligent designer.” In fact, ID is not an “outgrowth of biblical creationism” but a logical deduction based on the scientific evidence originally popularized by evolutionists such as Dr. Michael Denton. The press’s boilerplate definition of ID is rejected by ID leaders. The official definition makes no reference to God (or any other specific designer), the Bible, creation, Darwin, evolution, or complexity.

David F. Coppedge, “Press Goes Ape Over ID Supporter’s Appointment” at Creation-Evolution Headlines

It really doesn’t matter all that much what the accusations are. Right now, Darwinism is a fat living for people who don’t like challenges or thinking too hard. They will do their best to undermine Aguiar Neto, no matter what he does for the average Brazilian science student.

And no wonder there is a growing number of populist revolutions in the world. No one but a fat, stupid elite would benefit from turfing a talented guy over an issue that is really of interest only to the Darwin sect.

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Thought Control: "Cult leaders use loaded words and language, discourage critical thinking, bar any speech critical of cult leaders or policies, and teach an “us vs. them” doctrine". https://www.gotquestions.org/sect-cult.html Truthfreedom
@3 Axel:
Pardon my presumption, News, but I believe with some conviction, that Darwinism is properly designated a ‘cult’, rather than a ‘sect’.
Yes, it is a cult. :)
"In modern English, a cult is a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs, or by its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal". https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cult
..... now that so much evidence excluding the very possibility of Darwinism being true can be 'taken to the bank', so to speak. Well, materialism was always transparently self-refuting, a priori, wasn't it ? Such a waste of flawless logic from the barmiest and most gratuitously conjectural assumptions. Their steadfast refusal to draw the logical inference from such an ever-growing mountain of evidence refuting the very possibility of Darwinism - 'Wow isn't evolution marvellous, always surprising us !' - 'is, to all intents and purposes, a perfect equivalent of the classical definition of madness.' Axel
Pardon my presumption, News, but I believe with some conviction, that Darwinism is properly designated a 'cult', rather than a 'sect'. Axel
It is no wonder that the Darwin police go after ID people the wrong way; they probably get their understanding of ID from the erroneous Wikipedia page that is carved in stone and cannot be edited by more knowledgeable people. It is also a good idea that Brazil chose an Engineer to head up that position since Engineers are usually well organized, well grounded in a range of sciences, and not enamoured to a single outdated theory, one that has been shown over and over to be incapable of explaining what it pretends to account for. Fasteddious
that life is too complex to have evolved by Darwinian evolution,
Didier Raoult, eminent french microbiologist and the more prolific French scientist, anytime, in any field, is a rabid anti-Darwinian: https://www.thethirdwayofevolution.com/people/view/didier-raoult Truthfreedom

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