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When the Woke meet up with Darwin…


Eventually, the Woke had to discover that Darwin is not a co-belligerent. We are told at Inside Higher Ed, “An assistant professor says he was fired because he dared to talk about human population variation and got slandered as a eugenicist:

[Bo] Winegard, who is in his second year at Marietta and is scheduled to leave at the end of the academic year, says the trouble started in October. That’s when he was invited to address the University of Alabama’s Evolution Working Group, which is affiliated with the university’s evolution studies program. Both parties agreed that Winegard would talk about population variation, or, in his words, “the hypothesis that human biological differences are at least partially produced by different environments selecting for different physical and psychological traits in their populations over time.”

The idea was to link the theory with natural selection, in line with a recent article Winegard co-wrote for Personality and Individual Differences. The article, called “Dodging Darwin: Race, Evolution and the Hereditarian Hypothesis,” says, “Like most hereditarians (those who believe it likely that genes contribute to differences in psychological traits among human populations), we do not believe there is decisive evidence about the causes of differences in cognitive ability.” Yet the “partial genetic hypothesis is most consistent with the Darwinian research tradition.”

Colleen Flaherty, “Risky Research” at Inside Higher Ed

He also said some edgy things, as Flaherty reports. Then the RationalWiki trolls got involved: “racist bullshit for the right-wing online magazine Quillette.”

The trouble is, there is a history here, one that is rarely confronted.

That said, the Woke are like a bear with a toothache—they attack whatever irritates them. Eventually, it will probably be literacy and numeracy that they see as an offense to their vision of an equality utopia where everyone exceeds the norm and no one knows anything.

Meanwhile, Winegard’s contract was not renewed. Will Darwinians become as unpopular as they made ID types?

See also: A Polish MP says Darwinian natural selection accounts for anti-Semitic pogroms. But then many have argued that there is hardly anything natural selection can’t do. One would be glad to hear that this is fake news but the history of popular cultural Darwinism means that it could well be genuine. Remember eugenics. Meantime, Korwin-Mikke has said other things consistent with this view.

as to:
we do not believe there is decisive evidence about the causes of differences in cognitive ability.”
Hmm, you don't say. But if you can't really explain the cognitive differences between humans with Darwinism, then where does that leave Darwinism in explaining the fact that, cognitively speaking, "The distance between a human being and our nearest chimpanzee-like ancestors, common ancestors is much, much, much greater than the difference between a chimpanzee and a flower."
"Suppose you were coming from outer space, you're a biologist, right?,, You come to the Earth and you listen to a long lecture about Darwin, the immense importance of Darwinian biology, but then, you open your own eyes,,, What are the two things that would most strike you about living systems on the face of the Earth? Not the Darwinian rhetoric, but just the evidence of your own eyes?,,, One is that all life is related.,,, Biochemistry is the same throughout life. All life has very, very many of its properties in common.,,, The second thing you'd notice, if you are honest, is that there is a vast inseparable distinction between two kinds of living systems -- human beings and all the rest. That is something that's rarely noticed, rarely emphasized. The distance between a human being and our nearest chimpanzee-like ancestors, common ancestors is much, much, much greater than the difference between a chimpanzee and a flower. We're talking about a bifurcation in the manifold of Biology. Human beings on one side, the rest of the animal kingdom or the plant kingdom on the other. These are facts that I think that any untroubled observer, and by untroubled, I mean someone who is not previously adhered to any kind of ideology such as Darwinism. Would it once recognize life is connected? It's in some sense one living system, but profoundly divided between human beings and all the rest. That's the first step towards some sort of system of reconciliation because it prompts the inevitable question. "Hey, how come? Why are human beings so different? Why do they organize themselves differently? Why do they have mathematics, literature? Why do they speak to one another? Why do they have creative thoughts? A chimpanzee is probably a lovable animal, but nobody ever asked the chimpanzee a question that was possible for the chimpanzee to answer. So, these are I would say, orthogonal to the main axis of ideology." - David Berlinski - David Berlinski on the link between evolution, science and progressivism - 2018
Edgy? The fact that genes are a big part of behavior is not edgy, it's a plain and simple fact, understood forever. Some of the weaponized autist types go too far in asserting that genes are EVERYTHING. The above article makes a flat automatic assertion that genes are NOTHING, which is MORE wrong than the everything position. polistra

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