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“The Design Inference” — Coming to paperback in 6 months

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I just learned from my editor at Cambridge University Press that The Design Inference is going to be issued in paperback in the next 6 months. This is good news. When the book came out in 1998, it listed at $55. I believe it is now up to $85. This will take the price down significantly and, I trust, make the ideas in that book all the more accessible. Also, for some reason, the hardback is issued these days without a dustcover. The dustcover contains some nice endorsements, notably, one by evolutionist Bill Wimsatt (go here and scroll down). I expect this information will be appearing on the cover of the paperback edition.

It's an impressive book. I once showed it to a stats prof. when I was talking to him about ID and the idea of a probability threshold based upon the universe's resources. As he flipped through the book, he seemed to be interested in it as he recognized some people he knew (Skyrms, Diaconis, etc). anteater
Yeap, mine didn't have a dustcover but I believe that comes from a long time ago because it's two years since I got it... somebody once told that it looks like a fine copy :-) Daniel512
I've never read it, so I'll probably take advantage of the opportunity. Andrew Nichols

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