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Researchers claim proof that we are not living in a simulation

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Proof found that we are not living in an AI simulation?

From Cheyenne MacDonald at Daily Mail:

Theoretical physicists have discovered that it is impossible, by principle, to simulate a quantum phenomenon that occurs in metals – and, ultimately, something as complex as the entire universe.

As the number of particles required for the simulation increased, the researchers found the simulation itself became far more complex.

While the computer simulation theory continues to gnaw at the minds of many, with people such as Elon Musk backing the idea, the new study suggests it would be impossible to generate the illusion of reality in this way. More.

But once we go down the road of thinking that all this might be a simulation, why should we trust any demonstrations? Isn’t the first rule of clear thought that we assume that what we perceive is correct unless there is reason for doubt?

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Cosmology is naturalism’s playground. But does the fun mask a science decline?

I like the Sheldon Cooper quote from BBT - "Do you know how I know I am not living in the matrix? Because the food would be better." Fair Witness
Yes, Mike1962 at 1, it makes one feel as if mathematics has meaning again. News
I love it when people say "impossible." mike1962

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