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The Higgs particle as elephant in room

Candidate Higgs Events in ATLAS and CMS.png
Higgs events/CERN

From Symmetry (Fermilab/SLAC):

According to the Standard Model, the most common decay of the Higgs boson should be a transformation into a pair of bottom quarks. This should happen about 60 percent of the time.

The strange thing is, scientists have yet to discover it happening (though they have seen evidence).

According to Harvard researcher John Huth, a member of the ATLAS experiment, seeing the Higgs turning into bottom quarks is priority No. 1 for Higgs boson research.

“It would behoove us to find the Higgs decaying to bottom quarks because this is the largest interaction,” Huth says, “and it darn well better be there.”More.

Good thing no one is trying to stop anyone from doing or publishing research on the point.

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It's bad posts like this that convince many of us out here that this site is at best unscience if not anti-science. Sheesh... sean s. sean samis

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